35 weeks

13 Sep

The sleep troubles only seem to pop up on the weekends.  It’s 6:21 AM and I’ve been up since about 4:45.  I wake up because I need to switch positions, then I notice how sore my hips are, then baby wakes up and decides to have a party.  Once he starts up and gets going, it’s hard to fall asleep.  It’s pretty entertaining stuff to stay awake for.  I think as far as sleep issues go, I’ll take it this way.  If I’m sleeping fine during the week when I have to be at work and not so well on the weekends, that’s nothing to really complain about.  I can always take lots of naps on the weekends.  Getting up early gives me a lot of quiet time before the boys wake up.

We spent most of last night cleaning the apartment after Andy had a Fred Meyer field day and went organization crazy.  Our bedroom closet now has a LOT more usable storage space thanks to him and we’ve even got some left over for the inevitable additional baby supplies that need to be purchased.   It got a lot of stuff off of the floor and from around the pack n’ play in the bedroom so that area is a lot less chaotic and that makes me feel A LOT better about making the space work for two adults and a baby.

This weekend is mostly finishing off some small necessities that we will need in case the bambino decides to make an early entrance.  I think we might go see The Dark Knight tonight because we still have not seen it.  I’m sure Will will be Xboxing it most of the weekend since he’s been without all week.  I have an ultrasound on Tuesday at 3 PM and I’m hoping the guy can do another 3D for us because I would really love another video.  OB appt right after that at 3:30.

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