2 weeks left!

4 Oct

38 weeks today. Thursday’s picture:



I don’t know how I made it through work this week. I ended up working mostly half days at the office then coming home and taking anywhere from a 1-3 hour nap every day. The sleep issues kicked into high gear while the boy dropped, so I think the ability to sleep longer than an hour or so without waking up is pretty much a thing of the past. Once I just accepted that going to bed at 11 and getting up at 7 (with all that sleep in between) was no longer a reasonable goal, things got better. I can work from home so I can come home around 1 and nap and at least make up the sleep somewhere. Knowing I don’t have to try to work a full day around clients on my third night of three hours of sleep takes a lot of the pressure off and I find I sleep a little better at night. My work ethic is bizarre–I have no problem taking the occasional mental health day without guilt but I felt like I was just being lazy by doing half days–like I should be able to suck it up and go all day. A number of coworkers (themselves mothers) expressed amazement that I was even still working so that was a little validating. It certainly made it easier to go home with a little less guilt.

Weekly appointments started last week. Got the Strep B test (now THAT’S a q-tip) and also my first internal check. I’ve been having some really mild cramps here and there. I was also fairly sure the boy has dropped some because getting up and down is more of an issue and I’ve been feeling more pressure further down. Also, the peeing. I feel like I spend more time wearing out a carpet path to and from the bathroom more than anything else. It’s at least 4 times a night. She confirmed that hoo boy, yes, he’s RIGHT THERE on your bladder but that everything else was closed up for business. So, as of last Tuesday, we’ve got some lightening but nothing else really noteworthy.

Andy went with me and we were able to get some more answers regarding the ultrasound. The actual ventricular measurement was 10.7 mm and the upper limit of normal is 10-11 mm. Large ventricular measurements are common in babies, particularly baby boys, particularly big baby boys with a larger than normal amount of amniotic fluid. Normal fluid at this stage is usually around 18 (cc’s I think?)–my boy is floating in a jacuzzi tub of about 21. At 35 weeks he weighed in around 5.9 lbs so if he follows the average weight gain for the last 5 weeks, we’re looking at a 8-9 pounder. Um, ouch? We have the follow up ultrasound on Tuesday and our OB went a long way toward reassuring us that she really does not expect to find anything with it. So although I decided two weeks ago to let it go and hadn’t thought about it much, it was still nice to hear.

I’m so ready for him to get here! He seems to be moving most of the time now with the exception of short naps (I think he usually sleeps when I do–GOOD BOY.) He seems to always get the hiccups when I eat lunch and sometimes also when I eat dinner. He mostly goes quiet when other people try to feel him but he just goes crazy for his dad–when Andy talks to him he squirms about and kicks and really seems to respond to him.

For the fourth weekend in a row I need to pack my overnight bag. Not much else going on this weekend. I seem to have a pattern of 5 or 6 hours up, 2 hours down with a longer down period at night so my sleep is all sorts of out of whack. I’m going to do some cleaning around the apartment, Will has homecoming tonight, and Andy works overnight so I’ve got some chick movies to watch. I’ve got a lot of work to catch up on that I didn’t get done this week. Exciting times!

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