39 weeks, 4 days and maternity leave

15 Oct

Yesterday’s checkup:  Still 1 cm dilated (same as previous week), 70% effaced.  I was a bit disappointed but the effacement is some progress so that’s good.  We meet again next Tuesday (40w3d) for monitoring and to discuss potential induction a week later if Elliott is still reluctant to reveal himself.

Yesterday I made dinner (lazy dinner, pintos/cornbread/rice) and also three loaves each of zucchini and banana bread to put in the freezer for once the bambino gets here.  Today my goal is to make enchiladas and a casserole to freeze for the same purpose.  I think we’re going to see a matinee of Burn After Reading as well.

I’m really hoping he decides to come soon.  I didn’t want to go on maternity leave then spend a few weeks just sitting around waiting.  If he wants to give me a few more days, I have no problem with that.  I have moments of great discomfort but they are short and for the most part, I still move fairly well and now that I’m on leave the sleep isn’t really a problem.  Our OB pointed out that part of giving birth is getting to the point where you’re so uncomfortable all the time that labor seems like a great option just to make the discomfort end.  Maybe I”m not at that point yet!


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