41 weeks, 1 day

26 Oct

Ok, I’m at that point. I’m uncomfortable. There was still no progress last week from the week before so at this point I’m scheduled for an induction tomorrow night. I see the OB at 3 PM tomorrow then she’ll tell me what time to check in to the hospital. I think the plan is that I’ll be admitted tomorrow night and started on some sort of cervical ripening agent then the real deal goes down Tuesday morning if the ripening stuff doesn’t kick labor off. I have to say that I don’t think it will. I think Eli is pretty reluctant to come out and I suspect the eviction to take a lot more effort than just one medicine. We’ll hope for the best.

Andy has been off work with me since last Wednesday so that’s been great. Before that, he had worked 5 days solid (4 12s and 1 8 hr) and I was BORED and starting to border on miserable. I’m in the weird pickle of feeling bad enough (easily tired, uncomfortable, hands/feet ache) to not want to go anywhere but not so bad I’m not bored. It sucks. I baked a lot. I madeMolasses Crinkles and they were delicious. I did manage to make the casserole but never got around to the enchiladas. The apartment is REALLY clean. I had lunch with Emily. I went to June’s for dinner. I walked A LOT around Ballard. Andy and I bought and (he) installed organizers for the lower kitchen cabinets (I really never thought I would be so excited about drawers that roll out). I’ve been doing laundry by the load as it accumulates.

He has taken tomorrow off to help me with last minute sorts of things and probably to try to keep me from climbing the walls although he won’t fess up to that. We’re going to do a final cleaning on the apartment and a grocery run to stock up today as well as make sure everything’s done. He’s off until November 7th so it gives us a good 9 or 10 days before he has to work again. Then he really doesn’t have a significant stretch of days (6 12s) until mid-December so his schedule really could not have worked out better. He only has to claim vacation for three days to have until 11/7 off. Sweet!

I’m anxious for the little guy to get here. I feel a little panicky now and then (THEY’RE GOING TO LET ME LEAVE WITH A BABY) so I just do what I usually do and focus on the tasks and details to calm myself. I wish I had asked for something for sleep tonight. Andy seems to be taking it all in stride but I don’t think the boy would outwardly appear nervous for anything. He’s very go with the flow which is nice because it generally has the effect of calming me as well.

Yesterday we spent the day out. We drove to Everett for Will’s marching band competition. We saw his band play then he and I went and ate breakfast, drove to Burlington to hit the outlet stores, then drove back to Everett for the last hour or so of Division A and AA performances and the awards. Will’s school got 6th. The Auburn competition is in just a week or two and I don’t think I’ll be able to go to that although I sure hope Andy can juggle his work schedule to go. He missed Auburn last year (June and I went) and it really ate him up.

!!!! One more day! He probably won’t be here tomorrow but definitely by Tuesday!


One Response to “41 weeks, 1 day”

  1. Megan October 27, 2008 at 12:56 pm #

    Cervical ripening? Really?

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