First night

27 Oct

We arrived at 9 PM and I was put on the monitors. We met our nurse, Jill and she gave us the rundown, asked medical history, birth plan, etc. According to the monitors I’m having a lot of contractions but small ones (I can’t feel them at all). This is what they usually refer to as an “irritable uterus”. I was also checked for progress and there’s been no progress at all. Since there was also no progress earlier at the OB appointment, I can’t say as we were too shocked by that.

Cindy (the OB) initially prescribed Cytotec to try to help my cervix progress some with the intention of starting pitocin in the morning to finish out the induction and delivery. However, all these contractions actually prohibit the use of the cytotec as it can sometimes cause a lot of intense contractions really close together–and if I’m already contracting a ton, it can really set things off to escalate out of control–then they have to use another medicine to relax everything to stop the uterine hyperstimulation, then another med to get it going and you end up in a cycle of blech ow bleeeeeechhh.

We are trying to pump enough fluids in me to see if better hydration helps stop the contractions. It looks like it’s helping some. So they are going to try Cervidil instead. Except the pharmacy isn’t open overnight at Swedish Ballard and they don’t have any on hand. They’re cabbing some from the First Hill location so I should hopefully have it in the next hour or two. I have to say, I’ve done a bit of reading on Cytotec and it was starting to worry me a little since using it for induction is an off label use and opinion on use for induction seems really conflicted.

Despite about 5 different lists that were checked and rechecked, Andy and I forgot to bring his robe for me to wear so I can stop flashing my backside every time I get out of bed. Mine is way too small with the belly but his fits quite nicely. He ran home just now to pick it up as well as get his computer so he can work on it since it seems we’re going to be up several more hours waiting for the med to get here.

And that’s the update as it happens. It’s 10:46 right now and all is well. I’m on remote monitors so I can get up and move about at will which I plan to do once I’m not mooning everyone every time I get off the bed. Cindy left orders for Ambien for sleep which I’ll definitely be making use of since me + strange environment = no sleep. But it looks to be several hours before I can cash in on that.

I think I’m the only patient on the L&D unit–it’s very quiet up here. The room is absolutely huge and I’m facing out toward the Ballard bridge–I can see the Bardahl oil neon sign from the room.


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