And we’re off!

28 Oct

Slept about 4-5 hours last night. I think if they had beds that weren’t made to feel like torture devices I could have slept a lot longer with the Ambien. Ah well, I’m happy with the 4-5 hours. They let me eat breakfast (not too terrible for hospital food) and have a little coffee. Then they had to wait about an hour or so because I was again having a ton of contractions close together (still not feeling them) and that prohibited them from starting the pitocin at that point. The pitocin finally started about 10 AM. I’m getting some contractions I can actually feel but they still aren’t painful (not complaining) and they’re pretty far between.

I’m feeling pretty dozy right now. We’re both goofing around on our laptops (yay wifi!) and we might watch a movie soon just to help pass the time. In celebration of my newfound maternal maturity, our viewing choice for today will be Superbad. The two nurses I’ve had have been really nice and helpful re: answering any questions.

They put the IV in my right wrist so typing is a little tricky. His heart rate has been up for the last 20 or so minutes so they just upped my fluids for hydration. I am not fond of trying to go to the bathroom with two monitoring belts and an IV pole!

The doc just came in and said we would let things go for now, maybe up the pitocin to try to get things going. She will come back this afternoon to break my water and REALLY get things going. I’ll update more as the day goes on. I think we’ll probably just spend a leisurely afternoon watching movies and walking the hallways.


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