We made it past a week!

6 Nov

Eli turned a week old yesterday.  It’s so crazy to watch him change a little every day and learn things.  For example, he seems to have finally picked up that diaper changes aren’t the end of the world.  The whole last week he would just lose his mind anytime the diaper came off but now he’s a little calmer about the exercise.  He has a definite preference to wipes that have been a little heated up to cold ones straight out of the container but come on, who wouldn’t?  He lets us hear it if we go after his bits with a cold cloth.  I can’t say as I really blame him for that.

He’s also got a little Pavlov response going on with the microwave–we generally prepare a few bottles ahead of time and refrigerate them.  We heat them up for about 10 seconds or so to get them room temp before he eats.  We’re getting Eli’s Warning: FOOD SUPPLY LOW signals down.  He’ll give a face that looks like he’s blowing kisses but be not fooled, he’s hungry.  He’ll get a little worked up “eh eh EH EH EH” if we don’t move fast enough but if he hears the microwave door open, he’ll give us another few seconds or so to get things done.  I believe he’s associated the microwave door with food.

He also issues a few warning “eh”s to let us know we’ve got about two minutes to guess what distresses him.  These often build in intensity if the problem isn’t solved and end in either avoidance of crying altogether (success on the part of his parents in guessing the correct order of Wet?  Poop?  Hungry?  Cold?) or he lets loose on us with a good wail but still has the decency to stop crying when we finally hit upon the solution.

Other things–he turned his head this morning toward me when I said his name.  That was some pretty exciting stuff around these parts.  He’s getting a little more head control and for a noggin that size (15 inches at birth) I’d say that’s pretty impressive.  He’s starting chowing down on food like a champ and almost finished a 3 oz bottle when he woke up this morning.  That’s a personal eating record for him.

We just got back from the doctor (everything I wrote prior to this paragraph was written about 5 hours ago) and his weight is up to 7 lbs 15 oz!  That’s an 8 oz weight gain in 4 days!  I was ridiculously happy about this.  We saw the scale and I lifted my arms as if we had scored a touchdown.  Especially after the feeding issues at the start, such a good weight gain was a relief to see.  He’s got a rocking case of the goopy eye–he’s got what are likely clogged tear ducts and it results in eye boogers galore.  The nurse took a culture today just to make sure there was no infection but hopefully it will clear up on its own soon.

Tomorrow is Andy’s first day back at work so I’m on primary duty tonight and flying solo tomorrow.  I’m a little nervous about it but I think I’ll get through it okay.  He’s a pretty sweet baby and my main deficit so far seems to be that I am less than stellar at burping but I improve daily.  I’ve tried to get as organized as possible–night bottles are already made and in the fridge to minimize fussing (both mine and Elliott’s) and the apartment is as clean and clothes laundered as it’s going to get.  Wish me luck!

One Response to “We made it past a week!”

  1. Judy Mize November 9, 2008 at 7:19 am #

    Your mom sent me the link so I could see the most beautiful baby ever born. I love the pics, the updates, etc. What a way for friends, family etc. to keep up with Eli. I have 2 grandsons that I thought were the most beautiful, but Eli is right up there with them, lol.

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