SmileWatch 2008

10 Dec

Things are great. Eli’s temperament is turning out to be one of a relatively happy baby. I have no idea how I ended up having such an easily soothed baby.  When I was about 8.5 months pregnant, a client asked me if I worried about my baby since I worked with mentally ill people every day.  I thought at first she meant something like the potential for assault, etc but she said, “Are you worried your baby will be crazy?  You’re around them all the time.”  I told her it wasn’t something I worried about, that if it happened we’d cross that bridge when we came to it and besides, it’s not like it’s catching or anything.  She looked straight at me and said, “Well, I caught it.” and then wished me good luck and left.  So far any personality issues seem to be all purely baby related and generally has to do with the state of his shorts or hunger.  No obvious diagnoses to render upon Eli other than the occasional Baby Personality Disorder (otherwise known as short lived bouts of unexplained crankiness).  He has a few preferences but he’s generally pretty clear on his likes and dislikes.

He likes:

The paint shaker game (Daddy’s legs are the shaker, he’s the paint can, you get the idea)

His carseat

Stroller rides

His swing with the weird spinning animals turned ON

Pooping (He might disagree but he is in SUCH a better mood when he does)

The recessed light holes in the ceiling in our bedroom

The headboard

The mirror in the living room


Being burped (ESPECIALLY if you stop a feeding halfway through to burp him)

If you have to pause for whatever tiny milisecond while feeding him and remove the bottle

Taking too long to give him the bottle

The swing if the animals stop spinning

Diaper changes (actually, he’s sort of mellow these days with most. But if it’s 3 AM, usually he’s not a fan)

Of course, they may change from week to week but he’s not really into any gray area over here. I am trying to be patient waiting for the First Real Smile. We’ve gotten some close ones so far but I want the big, gummy grin! I do have some pictures of a few valiant efforts we’ve had in the past week or so. edit: it’s now about 5 days later (see how long it takes me to get posts up?) and I have gotten a few real smiles but haven’t managed to capture any on camera yet.  He’s not giving them away too easily quite yet but WOW talk about feeling rewarded.  It’s like winning the emotional “I haven’t slept and I think I am hallucinating and yes, you are cute but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE go to sleep WHAT WAS THAT?  A SMILE!!  DO IT AGAIN!”  lottery.  It’s better than about 50 cups of coffee, which is why I think he tends to smile more in the morning.  Self-preservation, you know.

Now he’s in the swing (he’s been in it a bit, he graciously allowed me a shower) and I think the tot’s getting a bit sea sick.  Going to go ahead and post this!


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