O hai ur hallucinatun!

14 Dec

Maybe the title is funny if you’re familiar with LOLCats. If not, I probably just sound like I’ve gone off the deep end. Perhaps a little.

So Eli went 24 hours of not sleeping longer than an hour. I don’t know if it initially was an issue with his stomach that then turned into a drawn out episode of his being overtired and unable to stay asleep or what. Perhaps it was the six week growth spurt? He was a tad more hungry than usual but not greatly so. Who knows? All I know is that he wouldn’t sleep longer than 45 minutes from 2:45 AM Saturday morning to 2:30 AM Sunday. With the exception of waking up for a few bottles, he’s been out since 2:30 this morning (it’s 11:45 AM now). I got about 5 hours of sleep total (thank you, Andy!) and I feel better. And again, thank God we have a really sweet baby who really was never fussy much even though he was so obviously exhausted. He mostly wanted to be held and seemed uncomfortable but never cried much, even through the worst of it.

Texts between Andy and me from around 2 AM:
E: I’m being held hostage by a baby.
A: It’s called motherhood.
E: Nice.


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