Let it snow, let it snow, let it…ok, you can stop now.

21 Dec

Ballard got 5 inches overnight and it’s snowing for about the third time this morning. Although I’m disappointed our flight was canceled, no small thanks that we got the text alerts before we left for the airport and I was able to call and reschedule for a Monday flight. Hopefully the weather will let up and we’ll be able to get out then. Mike has been stuck at the airport since Saturday morning, getting bumped from standby after standby (he missed his flight due to general foolishness, not weather) and he just bought another one way ticket to Dallas for tomorrow morning. He’s decided to just wait it out at the airport rather than risk having trouble getting there tomorrow morning. Our friends KC, Alison, and their 5 month old were at the airport a short while ago. Their flight was canceled and after waiting in a line of approximately 162 people (according to Mike) they opted to go home and try to reschedule from there. June is flying to NJ and although her flight wasn’t canceled, she has now spent a good two and a half hours sitting on the runway in line for the de-icer truck (apparently Sea-Tac only has one?). This will more likely than not mess up her connection in Chicago although it seems Chicago is having some serious delays as well, so hopefully not.

Will has built a snowman that is almost as tall as he is and he seems to be enjoying the snow a lot. We’re just going to spend the day getting some things taken care of we didn’t get around to yesterday and we’ll head out for the airport around 8 AM tomorrow, barring another cancellation although I think this is supposed to let up by tonight (please!). Eli is content to sit in his car seat and look out the windows, agooing at the snow and generally being a drooly, happy little baby. Our flight leaves tomorrow at 1:20, arrives in Dallas at 7:05 PM, American flight 1900. Keep your fingers crossed!

Here’s hoping we get home tomorrow!


One Response to “Let it snow, let it snow, let it…ok, you can stop now.”

  1. wendy December 21, 2008 at 10:46 pm #

    KC had a baby!?

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