2 Jan

So things are finally settling back down. After such a long time in Shreveport, it took Eli several days to sort of detox from all the attention. He’s been a bit on the cranky side since we got back and the majority of it has been due to his refusal to take naps unless he’s held. He’s been napping more every day although still hasn’t resumed sleeping longer than 30-45 minutes unless he’s held and this makes for a baby who is downright tired in the evenings. Right now he’s been out for about an hour in his car seat and I feel hopeful. He’s still been sleeping great at night and we’re lucky for that. On average he’s been doing down around 8:30-9 PM and getting up for the day around 8 AM. Last night he woke up at midnight and 4 AM to eat but the night before he went down at 10 PM and slept until 4:30 AM!

His innards also were all messed up, we switched to pear juice hoping it would be more gentle on his system and that resulted in 2 days of no poop and a pretty unhappy grunty kid. We switched back to prune juice and after a day the problem was resolved. This leads me to my new Eli philosophy of “don’t fix it if it ain’t broke” because I actually had him on a pretty even keel until I went messing with things. Poor kid, he has to spend most of his time being my human guinea pig. At least he’s a good sport about it.

Andy’s back at work today and it’s been good for Eli and I to get some alone time and back on our groove. I was hoping he would settle back down once things went back to normal and it seems like that’s the way things are going so I’m really pleased. Well, Will doesn’t go back to school until Monday but he’s shut up in his room on his computer and pretty much only comes out only to eat. I’ve managed to get a lot of laundry and a workout done today so I’m ahead of where I thought I would be. My hope is that Eli will have a long nap and then we can go for a walk when Andy gets home then he and Will are off to the gym. Pretty simple goals!

I think I’m going to take this time I have (he is still asleep!) to work on some knitting. The cold weather always makes me want to knit something and I’ve got several projects that have been on the needles for YEARS. Maybe 2009 will be the year I finish a few of them!


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