Week 9 Check In

9 Jan

The last two days Eli extended the War On Naps to a full out War On Sleep. Hmm, it’s not really THAT bad. It hasn’t been like that 24 hour period of no sleep longer than 45 minutes. He’s just been waking up a lot and eating quite a bit more than what is normal. After another night of poor sleep, he took a catnap this morning (30 minutes and I’m beginning to think this is his norm) then he went down for a very lovely 3 hour nap from 2-5 PM. Now it’s almost 8 PM and I think (hope) he’s about to go down for the night. Yay for adherence to the schedule. Let’s get my hopes up about the illusion of control, Eli. Go us!

Things have been good. The shots bothered him more the next day than the day of, his little thighs were a bit swollen and the muscles knotted. Seeing as how he’s a kicky little thing, he fussed a good bit more than normal but some warm baths loosened the muscles up. No fever or any issues like that. He’s eating like a champ and aside from the weird sleep stuff (which I started to chalk up to a growth spurt but let’s face it, I’m just going to call any period of noncompliance a growth spurt) he’s been dandy.

Sharron came over and visited with him today and actually got to see him while he was awake! He was drowsy before she showed up but turned on the charm when she held him. I think he can detect grandparent smell or something because he smiled a good bit for her whereas he was a little tired and cranky before she came over. He hung out for a little while then fell asleep. He must have done something right because she offered to babysit and give Andy and me a night out now and again. Score!

I wish I had something a little more exciting to report. I go back to work in a little more than a month. Although I can’t say as I’m too jazzed about leaving Eli during the day, I’m actually looking forward to it! We’re going to start running again next week. Andy has a string (4) of nights next week so I am flying mostly solo since Andy needs to sleep for a good part of the day. That means Sunday I am sleeping as much as I can for as long as I can.

More pictures to post and I should be able to get to that tomorrow. Keep your eyes peeled!


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