10 weeks

16 Jan

What a difference 10 weeks makes in the day of a parent. Before Eli was born, I downloaded a Baby Log app for my iPhone and figured we could use it to track feedings, diapers, etc. Although it didn’t really help us establish patterns and some days we were a lot better about recording things than others, it was helpful because it usually reminded us the last time he ate, the last time he was changed, etc. As a new parent, I had absolutely no memory and could hardly recall my own name. I think we probably used it for about 2 weeks before it just became too tedious to try to record everything. I was thinking last night about how much easier things have gotten (Jinx!) and also how rough those first few days were. Witness:

5 day old Eli, a little more than a 24 hour period, starting at midnight:

12 AM Diaper
12:34 AM Sleep 40 min
1:32 AM Feed 1.25 oz
1:40 Sleep 40 min
2:30 AM Feed .5 oz
3:45 AM Sleep 2 h 45m
6:15 AM Feed 1 oz
6:23 AM Diaper
6:30 AM Sleep 3h 45m
10:30 AM Diaper
10:45 AM Feed 1.25 oz
11:25 AM Feed .5 oz
11:40 AM Feed 1 oz
11:52 AM Diaper
12:15 PM Sleep 1 h 15m
3:20 PM Feed 2 oz
4:15 PM Diaper
4:30 PM Sleep 3h
8 PM Feed 2 oz
8:39 PM Diaper
8:40 PM Feed .5 oz
9:05 PM Sleep 3h
12:05 AM Diaper
12:10 AM Feed 1.5 oz
12:45 AM Sleep 50m
2:12 AM Feed 1 oz
2:35 AM Sleep 2 h 40 m
5:30 AM Feed 1 oz

Compare that to now–here’s an average day for us the last two weeks or so.

8 AM Wake up, bottle (6 oz), Diaper
10 AM Nap (usually about an hour)
11 AM Wake up, prune juice bottle, Diaper
1 PM Bottle (6 oz), diaper
2 PM Nap (3 hours)
5 PM Wake up, bottle (6 oz), diaper
7 PM Bottle (6 oz), diaper
8 PM Bedtime
12 AM Bottle (6 oz), diaper
5 AM Bottle (6 oz), diaper
8 AM Wake up! (and diaper change!)

Part of my own difficulty during the early period was lack of sleep. I am a light sleeper and knowing I HAVE to go to sleep ASAP because the baby will wake up soon makes falling asleep nigh impossible. He usually didn’t sleep more than 2 or 3 hours at a time (and more often only about an hour) and so about the time I’d finally wind down enough to fall asleep, he’d wake up. Although my ability to wake up in the middle of the night for a feeding then fall right back asleep has improved, I still sleep pretty lightly. Since he can be a noisy sleeper at times, it often means I’m awake listening to every sigh and grunt he issues from his bed. Now that he’s sleeping longer stretches (jinx!), I usually can fall asleep pretty well because the pressure is off and I have an idea when he will wake up hungry.

I have to say, I definitely prefer the 10 week old Eli to the 5 day old one! In addition to the smiles and coos and all the talking, he’s just a more contented baby all the way around. This weekend we’re going to start adding in a little rice cereal to his nighttime bottles to see if he can do some longer stretches of sleep.


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