Seattle Woman Bores Self To Death Talking About Sleep

30 Jan

I feel like that should be my headline today. Naps are crap, overnight sleep is crap, blech. After two days of the trauma naps (the screaming, the screaming! when we insist he go back to sleep for longer than 30 minutes), he’s added on frequent awakenings between 12 and 5 AM as well. He had two bad nap days, then one day where he did fine, then yesterday was trauma city again. We ended up picking him up a few times to get him to fall back asleep and altogether his nap was of decent time. The last two nights starting around 12:30 he’s taken to yelling out every hour or so. If I put the binky back in he goes right back to sleep so at least it’s not like he’s fully waking up but what on earth is this about? And why is he so binky obsessed all of the sudden? I feel like I’m digging myself a hole here with the picking up and rebinkying but I don’t know what else to do. Poor Andy has been knocked down with a sinusy/cold sort of thing so he’s not sleeping that great and Eli’s waking him up a lot as well.

The Happiest Baby book says they get the pacifier until they’re four months old because they aren’t old enough to have learned other ways of soothing. He’s also swaddled at night so it’s not like he can put it back in on his own and there are PLENTY of times he spits the binky out and sleeps fine. He often wakes up between 7:30 and midnight and doesn’t have the binky and also doesn’t yell, he just goes back to sleep. So I don’t know what it is about the middle of the night that changes it and suddenly he cares about it again. Or if he even really cares about the binky but it’s the fastest way to get him to conk back out so maybe I’m perpetuating it myself. The Sleep Solutions book says basically no sleep training before 5 or 6 months and other sites say that at this age I should basically approach sleep by the Malcolm X principle–By Whatever Means Necessary. I’d just like to be able to get him to sleep without creating any bad habits.

This too shall pass. But can it pass today, please? I would like my good sleeper back. As usual, when he’s awake he’s just generally sweet as pie so it’s hard to get too too upset about any of this.

edited to add–If anyone was watching the news, we had an earthquake this morning. I was awake for it and felt it. I was lying in bed and felt the world jiggle some but since it was very mild and short I pretty much assumed it was due to lack of sleep. Everything’s fine here, no damage, I don’t even know if Andy and Will noticed it yet.


One Response to “Seattle Woman Bores Self To Death Talking About Sleep”

  1. wendy spies January 30, 2009 at 4:24 pm #

    i am very sorry about the sleep situation 😦 i think it is worse when you have it and then it disappears than if you never had it in the first place! in good news, your witty repartee is still in full effect – thank you for sharing 🙂

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