Week 13 (or 14?)

5 Feb

Wow, I’ve lost count of what week it is. I need to look that up.

Things Eli’s doing:
He’s getting pretty good at holding his upper body and head up while he’s on his stomach. He’s not quite making any moves that indicate rolling over is going to happen soon. He’s made a big leap from just sort of managing to hold his head off the floor a week or two ago to full out supporting his chest and head off the floor, like a little baby push up.

He’s gotten a lot better at swatting at things and also grabbing things. You can tell he wants to put them in his mouth but he doesn’t have that part quite down yet as he always rotates his hand as he brings the toy to his mouth and ends up with his hand in his mouth instead.

He is downright into toys now. He’s got Dylan the Duck and Mallory the Monkey. He lights up when you put them in his face and reaches out for them, inevitably to try to put a part of them in his mouth. He also is really digging his activity gym which is pretty fun to watch.

He’s a drool machine. I hear it will get worse when he starts teething, that he is likely to become a veritable drool factory.

He loves “b” sounds right now. Baby, buh buh buh buh, binky, burp, anything with repetitive b sounds just cracks him up. He can’t really say it back, he’s still mostly just vowels with a lot of gaaaah gahs in there but he will stare at your mouth and smile a big gummy smile if you start making silly noises with b sounds.

He’s trying to laugh. I think I’ve gotten one or two out of him but it’s like his first smiles, it’s so fleeting and quick I wonder if that’s what it actually was. I can’t wait until I can get a good belly laugh out of him.

Games he likes: Stand up, sit down! He braces his legs and we hold him up, he’s actually quite good at supporting most of his own weight. Eventually the legs fold, which is the sit down then he kicks again to stand up! Repeat this until either you or he get sick of it. He still enjoys the paint shaker game and he likes “flying” on my legs.

He likes to watch television. I can’t say as I’m particularly thrilled about this one but sometimes when it’s on he will ignore any amount of mom entertainment I’m trying to provide and watch it instead. I do try to keep it off during most of the day, if for no other reason than to protect my own ego and convince myself he likes me more than the TV.

That’s all I can think of for now. Fun times!


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