We have a rollover!

7 Feb

And I managed to catch the very first one on video! It’s a really cute video except he rolled over onto a stuffed toy so he didn’t quite go all the way and also, I started yelling like a maniac when he did it. I’m easily excitable that way. We found the power cord to the video camera but we have now lost the adapter cable for my computer so I have to wait until Andy can upload it from his computer.

One day, I’m going to spend all day finding all these cables around the apartment and organize them and put them in one place. This is driving me nuts.

Growth spurt–he’s been eating every 2-3 hours since Thursday morning and hasn’t slept longer than an hour or so since then. Andy’s been working 12 hour days so all the glorious sleep deprivation and hallucinations are mine! Although I think Eli’s been disturbing his sleep a good bit too and I feel bad for that. It’s one thing for me to be sleep deprived–I just sort of have to maintain some semblance of consciousness and entertain the baby all day but he’s got to be functional and in proper clothes and showered. It’s a much more challenging level of functioning. Hopefully this will pass soon and everybody will get a good night of sleep.


One Response to “We have a rollover!”

  1. Tamara February 11, 2009 at 4:27 pm #

    That kid is a GENIUS!!! Somehow I am not surprised.

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