Productivity, ow.

9 Feb

Andy and I have the week off together!  Yay!  To celebrate, we kicked it off by running all over creation and making our pocketbook significantly lighter.  Since I’ll need to take the pack n’ play to Sharron’s for naps, we had to get a crib.  We ended up going with this:


Obviously, we don’t have the pink bedding.  We’ll put the bedding that my parents gave Eli on tomorrow when we get it out of storage and take some pictures to post.  I have to say, after we put the mattress in and felt how nice it was, I felt a little bad for making Eli sleep in the pack n’ play for so long.  This is a pretty cushy setup!  We also got him a jumperoo since he’s never really taken to the swing and he seemed….intrigued by it.  I think it’s going to take some time for him to warm up to it but the first go at it went pretty well.  He sort of jiggled around in it a little and definitely seemed interested in all the toys on it.

We took a lot of stuff out of the apartment to take to storage and then we’re going to be moving to a larger storage space this week since we’ve decided to stick it out in this apartment as long as we possibly can, hopefully until we can buy a house.  So the name of the game around these parts is organization and really determining what items we want to have space for in the apartment.  We’re lucky that we have a great apartment but with two adults and two kids things get tight pretty quickly.  The way I see it, folks in New York have kids in 700 (that’s being generous) sq ft apartments!  We should be able to make this work.

He also had a doctor appointment this morning.  He’s got two spots on the back of his head that started off looking like little pimples but then became red, a little raised, and now they’re sort of crusty looking.  Although it doesn’t seem to bother him at all, I wanted to get it checked out before I return to work.  His ped doesn’t know what they are, says they might look infectious and prescribed us some ointment to put on them.  If we don’t see an improvement in a week or so we’re to call back and we’ll get a dermatology referral.  We thought for a while they were just sore spots because of his Stevie Wonder nighttime routine but since the crustiness popped up (they look sort of eczema-ish), I just wanted to have it checked and I’m glad we did.  We also snuck him on the scale while we were there and he weighed SIXTEEN POUNDS.  Good Lord.

2 Responses to “Productivity, ow.”

  1. wendy spies February 9, 2009 at 11:33 pm #

    what a fabulous little chunk nugget! 🙂 congratulations on the week off together and the new crib!!

  2. Carrie February 10, 2009 at 1:49 pm #

    Movin’ on up!

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