16 Feb

What a day. My first day back at work! I was fine leaving Eli this morning and work was good. I don’t think clients really realized I was back today because it was fairly quiet and I was allowed some time to ease back into things. I have people scheduled tomorrow so I don’t think it’s going to be quite so easy! I missed the little man most of the day but Andy did a bang up job with him at home. I got home to dinner on the way to being cooked and that was nice. Andy worked an extra shift overnight and somehow managed to just nap when Eli did and seems to still be functioning which is more than I can say for myself! I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck and I can’t even blame it on overnight Eli shifts since he was pretty easy, just one wake up for food at 4 AM then back to bed by 4:25.

I have to admit, I did sort of enjoy the break today from constant baby duty. It feels like a betrayal of Eli to say that although I realize it’s not and having a mommy who’s fulfilled and happy makes for a happy baby. It’s some weird ingrained thing. Although I missed him terribly, I really did like being at work again, I liked thinking about clients and what to do and problem solving and being around adults most of the day. I feel insanely lucky that I get to work part time and have my boy for three day weekends and that his dad gets to stay with him during the week as well. I don’t think I’ve done anything to deserve this level of fortune (coming home to dinner in the making!) but I’m thankful for it.

Tonight we took the pack n’ play and extra supplies to Sharron’s in preparation for tomorrow. Tomorrow morning should be an adventure, trying to get ready for work with Eli in tow although it occurs to me it’s not that different than just getting ready to take him to the doctor or something like that. I have his diaper bag packed and labeled and I think I’ve packed about everything I can think of. I’m trying not to go all out anal and write out a schedule for Sharron since she’ll be keeping him enough that they need to find their own groove (and I need to chill out). Really the only important thing is the afternoon nap from (hopefully) at least 3-5 so he keeps his regular bedtime and isn’t a total crab between 5 and 7:30.

The spots on his head are a bit bigger and now there’s a third one starting. I googled a bit and from my in depth medical analysis (looking at pictures of infant scalp rashes, heh) it really looked dead on like ringworm. We have an appointment scheduled for this Friday with a dermatologist but figured it couldn’t hurt to put some chlortrimazole cream on it. After two days, the spots do look better. They’re in no way going away but they’re not getting worse and they’re less red, less raised, and less crusty looking. Since they seem to have stalled out and they’re not getting worse, I’m hoping we’re on the right track. I guess we will know Friday.

We’ve also started the switch to a different formula and he’s doing really well with it. We’ve got him on a 50/50 mix of the soy stuff and now Gentlease with the plan to transition him fully to the Gentlease in the next day or so (so we can use up the rest of the soy stuff). We haven’t had to prune juice him at all in two days and he’s pooping like a champ. That’s good news around these parts.

No new pictures! We’re horrible. He’s loving his jumperoo and I want to get some video of that, perhaps tomorrow night when Andy’s at practice and Eli and I are hanging out by ourselves. I’ll also snap to it on the pictures here in the next few days and get on top of things so we’ll have more to post this weekend. We just cleaned off our camera this past weekend and had over 800 pictures on there! I think about 765 were of Eli. Wow!


One Response to “Pooped”

  1. Carrie February 17, 2009 at 3:10 pm #

    There will always be a certain amount of mommy guilt in every decision we make. All we can do is make sure our babies are happy and healthy and that we’re taking care of ourselves as well. Sounds so simple, right?

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