Friday, Friday

20 Feb

Hurray for Friday! My “day off”! I have learned that I really won’t ever have a day off again, probably at least for another 15 years or so. Eli did me the favor of sleeping like an absolute dream. I gave him his bottle at 10:45 and put him down at 11 (we can put him down awake now and he’ll put himself right to sleep) and he slept until 5 AM. Another bottle in and he slept straight through until 8:30, when I woke him up because I couldn’t sleep anymore.

How wonderful is that? Pretty wonderful, I’ll tell you.

I took him to the dermatologist today for the mange on his head and the universal opinion seems to be “I dunno”. We’ve been putting the OTC fungal cream on it for about a week and a half and although it hasn’t gotten rid of it, it does seem to have stalled it. The spots aren’t bigger or redder and they’re not spreading anymore. The doctor was of the opinion that it was likely fungal but maybe it could also be eczema (but probably fungal). So we’re treating both. We were prescribed a stronger anti-fungal cream and a cortisone cream and hopefully between the two we can get rid of this in the next few weeks. She asked if we had pets, if he was in daycare, etc., trying to figure out how he might have gotten it but we have no pets and he just started staying with Sharron this week (she has cats). I can’t help but feel I’m missing something on the cleaning here and I’m trying not to feel like our house must be funky in some way for him to have gotten this. Maternal guilt, it knows no end.

We switched Eli to the Gentlease formula and have eliminated the need for the prune juice bottles. That’s really great since we had run out of prune juice anyway but OH MY LORD these poops are some smelly nasty green horrors. He dropped a bomb as soon as we got in the doctor’s office so I changed him in the exam room before she came in. She walked in and saw Eli and started in with the obligatory “What a cute….” then “Door open! We’re going to leave the door open!” I can’t say as I blame her. This was my first experience of the Gentlease poop (Sharron’s been dealing with them all week, the kid’s a morning pooper) and lo, it was some nasty stuff. The powder scented poop sacks hardly even contained the smell and I could smell it in the car on the way home. Yeesh.

He did great with Sharron. When I pick him up Sharron gives me a little schedule for what he did that day. It’s not too detailed, just the big stuff (basically it goes 8:30 bottle, 9:15 nap, 10 poop, that sort of thing) and I really like that. He’s been doing good afternoon naps so he’s in a great mood when I pick him up. I’m really glad that’s working out.

Right now he’s napping then we’re going to go pick up the prescriptions and walk to the movie theater to buy tickets for tonight. Andy and I get a date night! June’s coming to watch him (well, he’ll be asleep the whole time) and we’re going to dinner tonight then to see Frost/Nixon. Monday June is coming again as I bought us tickets to see Andrew Bird at the Moore for Andy’s birthday. Fun week!


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