4 months old!

1 Mar

Eli turned the big .4 today (I know the math doesn’t quite work on that since there are 12 months but please, allow me some leeway) and I got a present for myself. Since the video camera was sort of becoming this never ending pain of recording more and more video then having to wait until Andy got around to putting it up, we went and got a little camera just to use for blog stuff. Supposedly the resolution isn’t as good as Andy’s but I’m not really seeing much of a difference here. What’s really great is that it’s about the size of my iPhone and can fit easily in my purse or the diaper bag and the whole process involves basically hitting the power button then record. All it takes to get it from the camera to the website is plugging it into my laptop (no cord! The USB is built into the camera) and about two different clicks to choose the video then video share.

Of course, it’s got editing software with it so I can make movies and all that but I’m trying not to kid myself here about what sort of time I’ve got on my hands. I do wish I could upload the video directly to Flickr so I could keep everything in one place. I think I can probably do that but I’m not quite sure how yet, the camera makers seem to have a tie in to YouTube since video sharing with that site is pretty automatic. In any case, I can post the YouTube video here so between that and the Flickr link to the pictures on the right, it should all basically be in one place. I’ve also added a “Video” category so if you want to pull up all the entries with videos, just click on that.

I also uploaded more pictures and organized the ones on the Flickr site into the month categories. I feel like I should get a cookie for the amount of online organizing and uploading I’ve done today. At least it’s done and I can stop thinking “I need to do that” now.

Eli’s four months old today! He had a big day at Target and Best Buy and did fine the whole time. Andy wore him around in the Baby Bjorn and he was just as happy as could be. We started running into a minor meltdown when he was hungry and we tried to get home first so he pretty much screamed the whole way home. Once we got in we gave him a bottle and right after is the video I just posted so you can see how quickly his anger is calmed because he was a little smiley fool right before he went down for his nap.

I can’t believe it’s been four months! He’s such a great addition to all of our lives and we’re all very thankful that we are so lucky to have such a wonderful little guy. He’s so much fun lately and I can’t imagine life any other way.

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