Send earplugs.

7 Mar

Wow, SOMEBODY is discovering his voice. And he’s doing it in a most (albeit cute) earsplitting, shrieky way. At one point I thought I should check to see if I had blood coming out of my ear after he let loose with a particularly glass breaking squeal of delight.

Slow weekend here. Work is still relatively slow, I have had the most impressive number of no shows and cancellations the last two weeks. It makes the day really drag on but I hesitate to complain too much since I know it will catch up at some point and I’ll be wishing for some reschedules. It’s like I never left. I got a call from a housing provider that we’ve been underpaying a client’s rent for two years (two years, really? You couldn’t call me since the end of 2006 to let me know? REALLY??) and so the catch up will basically wipe out what the client has worked to save. Very frustrating stuff.

Gymboree was really great and we had a good time. We have a few pictures from it but they’re really only of Eli and me since we didn’t know if people would be weird about us taking pictures of their kid. It’s basically just a lot of sing-a-longs and tummy time activities and playing with various textured objects. Although most of the other kids were either laughing or crying, our boy Eli played it cool and did what he usually does in unfamiliar settings and just checked everything out the whole time. He seemed entranced by the bubbles but had his poker face on for the hour. We did enjoy it and went ahead and signed up for the month. It was interesting to see him next to all the other babies! He was closer in size to the few 5.5-6 month olds that were there and he dwarfed the other 4 month olds. The other parents were nice and it was cool to see how all the babies are doing developmentally and compare notes.

Food-wise, he’s getting rice cereal in all of his bottles now because big 8 ounce bottles were only holding him for three hours, tops. The output of formula was getting ridiculous. We were going through the large cans in a little under 4 days. Now that he’s on 8 ounces and 2.5 tbsp of rice cereal, he’s going about 4.5-5 hours between feedings during the day. At night he’s pulling about 6 hour stretches on average. Andy bought some solids to try out on him but I think we’re going to wait a while longer since he seems to do fine with the formula for now.

The stuff on his head started to come back a little bit but we’ve been putting the creams on it the last two days and it’s gone again. Once it disappeared the last time, we stopped the creams because we were concerned about continuing to put a steroid ointment on him for a rash he no longer had. Now I’m thinking we should have stuck to our original plan and continued it for at least a week once it was gone which is what we’ll do now. He has the follow up with the dermatologist on Tuesday. There’s a tiny, tiny patch of bumps on his stomach that look exactly like eczema (I’ve been there) but we’re not putting the cream on it until the doc can look at it. It’s not spreading and it’s really quite small. I really hope he hasn’t gotten my tendency toward allergies.

Andy’s on nights all weekend so it’s quiet around here. Will and I are surviving off of frozen pizzas and pot pies until Monday night. I don’t think he’s too upset about that. Next weekend Andy has a show but I am thus far unable to find a sitter so I can go as well. I was going to go with June so that rules her out for sitting. Oh well! Hopefully I’ll catch them at some point in the future.

I should be able to get more pictures up tomorrow and maybe another video or so.


2 Responses to “Send earplugs.”

  1. Carrie March 9, 2009 at 8:51 pm #

    Has he started enjoying his voice in the car yet? I definitely could’ve used some ear plugs when that was going on with mine.

  2. wendy March 10, 2009 at 7:42 am #

    🙂 glad things are going so well. the rent thing sounds pretty horrible. can’t wait to see the video!

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