What goes in…

15 Mar

What a weekend! We’ve been fairly busy all weekend although we haven’t done a single lick of what we originally intended to do. My parents (hi!) are coming in town in a week and a half and we had set the goal of having the loft enclosed and Will moved up there by that period. Despite a week of glorious weather, it turned sour on Saturday and the prospect of hauling lumber and cutting wood and whatnot on the carport in blustery wind and rain didn’t sound that great. So we’ve resigned ourselves to maybe doing it next weekend if the weather is better or if all else fails, moving Will up there next weekend and doing it after the fact.

Instead we ended up shopping most of the weekend. A big food haul yesterday and new clothes today since everyone was starting to look a little shabby. We bought nothing but 9 month sizes for Eli and they fit sooooo much better than the 3-6 and 6 month stuff we have been cramming him into the last few weeks.

Last night when we woke Eli up for his bedtime bottle (about 11:30 PM), his appetite seemed a little off and he opted to stop eating with several ounces left. We thought that was odd and encouraged him to have more but he wouldn’t do it. After a few minutes of burping, pretty much the entire bottle came back up. It was quite the mess since we were sitting on our bed when it happened–Andy was drenched, Eli was drenched, the sheets were drenched. When that has happened in the past (and it hasn’t happened in a few months), he usually would replace what he ate and then go back to sleep. It took about 30 minutes to clean everything up and get quick showers and I gave him another ounce or so. He still didn’t seem hungry so I gave up. Then THAT came back up. His eyes were red and he was falling asleep left and right so we just decided to put him back in bed and hope it was just some sort of bug. So we put him in his bed and MORE came up. So then we had to change the sheets in his bed. Needless to say, I’ve been doing a lot of laundry today.

I really thought he’d be screaming by 2 AM–he hadn’t had any food since 5:15 the day before! He slept straight through until 6:30 this morning. I am proud of myself because although I woke up several times between 1 and 6:30, I only got up once to poke him to make sure he would move. When he woke up, he seemed hungry. He ate a full bottle although not with the usual gusto and I made him stop several times during it for burping and walking around to make sure nothing was going to come back up. I feel a little guilty because part of it was that if he was going to throw up, I wanted to minimize what was there to throw up and partly because formula is so expensive, I didn’t want to waste a lot. So that bottle took about 45 minutes total and he kept it down. He then went back to sleep until 8:30 and had another bottle at 11:30 and has seemed fine. He had two gross diapers that lend weight to the idea of some sort of GI upset but he’s been in a good mood all day. His appetite is not where it usually is but it’s adequate.

I suppose the upside of this is that we’ve used this opportunity to start breaking him of the swaddle–he was so tired last night that he went right to sleep without it. I was nervous about putting him down swaddled since if he threw up overnight he wouldn’t be able to turn well or move around. When I gave him his morning bottle at 6:30, I put him down again without it and after about 15 minutes of playing in his crib, he went to sleep. He just went down for his afternoon nap (very late because of our shopping) unswaddled and after 10 minutes he finally fell asleep. I suppose we’ll just ditch the swaddle from here on out and use sleep sacks for sleeping to make sure he’s warm enough. I really hope whatever bug he had has passed and he’ll get back to normal eating and other business.

That’s our exciting weekend! Long week–Andy works all week, I work through Thursday, lots to do. I do have more pictures to post and hope to get to that tonight.


One Response to “What goes in…”

  1. wendy March 16, 2009 at 11:55 am #

    good job making it through that with such positivity! i hope your little man is feeling better today.

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