18 Mar

Eli’s little bug turned into an ongoing bug. He’s still not eating more than 5 oz at a time and his diapers are pretty ick although the frequency of the ick diapers has GREATLY decreased and he seems on the mend. Andy caught it as well and has been out of work the last two days. He’s finally on the mend as well so we thought we were through the worst of it. Today Will came home from school after throwing up and he was running a 103 fever. Somehow I have escaped it so far. I’m keeping my fingers crossed (and my hands washed) that I don’t catch anything.

Needless to say, except for being a little more tired than usual, this video (recorded an hour or so ago) is a good example of Eli’s mood throughout all of this. Maybe he wanted a little more cuddling than usual and less jumping but he’s been in a fine mood the entire week.


One Response to “Infected”

  1. Emily March 19, 2009 at 4:14 pm #

    What a cutie!!!

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