Almost out of the woods

22 Mar

Everybody finally seems to be on the mend. Will was out of school two days running fever with some stomach involvement. Except for still being a little tired and his appetite being a bit off (to quote Will, “I’m not that hungry. What is WRONG with me?!”) he is doing a lot better. Andy returned to work after two days and seems fine now. Eli’s diapers are finally settling down and he’s eating normal amounts again so yay! I managed to avoid it altogether. Men are the weaker sex, no doubt.

It was a busy weekend. We moved Will upstairs (walls to come later, we just didn’t have time for it), more Goodwill runs, more things to storage, a lot of cleaning in general. My parents are coming in town Wednesday and it looks like they might actually have a room to stay in which I’m sure will please them. Once they leave, the plan is to move Eli in there so Andy and I can have our room back. I am both excited at the prospect of having my room back (oh, to read in bed again before going to sleep! It’s hard to lose a habit you’ve had for 20 years) and I’m also a little reluctant.

Eli still needs re-binkying although usually from his bedtime feed until 5 or 6 AM it’s increasingly rare. I really wish he would figure out how to put it back in himself. More often than not it’s not an issue since he falls asleep and at some point it falls out and he doesn’t notice/care but some nights (like the last two), it’s like he’s got an internal alarm set to SCREECH as soon as it falls out. So it’s definitely easier to put it back in and fall back asleep quickly since he’s in our room. There’s also a little bit of MAH BAYBEE! that’s hard to let go of. Big boys have their own rooms! I still have a little boy! He’s too little for his own room! Sigh. Andy says we might as well put rollers on the crib since he is betting I’ll last about 30 minutes before I want him back in the bedroom.

We’re also going to probably have to address this pacifier issue once he’s in his own room since he won’t be sharing walls with any other apartments. He’s got to learn how to soothe himself back to sleep and the binky wars need to come to an end. Either he’s got to figure out how to put it back in or we’ve got to lose it. He only uses it when he sleeps so it’s not as if losing it will be an all day issue. We’ll see what happens.

Everything else is good. I’ve got some sort of tooth or TMJ? issue going on and I need to call my dentist tomorrow. I’ve been told I have TMJ issues going back several years due to grinding but it never really bothered me at all. Some clicking if I take a large bite, that sort of thing. The last two days one side of my jaw feels like it’s just not working at all. It feels swollen and I can’t take very large bites of food, chewing hurts, and it makes a really gross sound if I open up wide. Advil is helping but I should probably get it checked out anyway. I do have a tooth back there that needs some work but I had been putting it off. This is probably what I get for doing that. Hopefully it won’t be anything too traumatic.

New pictures up!


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