Happy Easter!

12 Apr

No tornadoes up here. Some pretty blah weather (raining, cold) but what else is new? What is up with Shreveport and Easter tornadoes?

Everything is going well here. Eli is sleeping really well, last night he went down at about 7:45 and slept til 5:30. I imagine he would have slept a bit longer but it had been 8+ hours since his last Motrin dose so I felt a little bad making him wait until 6 as I have done the past few days. So I went ahead and got up, fed him, gave him a little Tylenol, then he went back to sleep until around 7 or so. He’s taken to just playing in his bed for a LONG time before getting loud enough to wake me up over the monitor so it’s hard sometimes to know how long he’s actually been up. It has resulted in a few cranky periods the last few mornings because he’s waking up a full hour or so ahead of me and then (to my mind) wanting to take a nap too early. This morning and yesterday morning he has to have woken up and stayed up since 7 AM (I didn’t wake up until 8 AM) because he was downright trying to claw his way to his crib for a nap around 9 or 9:30.

The tooth doesn’t seem to be causing much trouble so far. He’s getting motrin once around 9 AM and again right before bedtime since that seems to work the best. He gets one dose of Tylenol right before his 2ish afternoon nap if he seems cranky. He mostly just seems out of sorts for about 20-30 minutes after he wakes up, which is unusual for him. That’s either just the lack of any kind of medicine for pain or he’s starting to take after me when it comes to waking up from sleep. I’m really hoping this is just a tooth issue. Other than that, it seems to be coming in. You still can’t really see it, it reminds me of those Magic Eye pictures as it seems to be one of those things where you can’t just try to look directly at it but I have caught glimpses of it here and there. If you let him gnaw on your finger, you can definitely feel it.

He’s getting the hang of sitting up pretty well. Granted, you have to prop him in the right position but once he’s up he can stay up for several minutes before he tips over. He’s still working on that back-front roll. We went back to Gymboree this week and that was our exercise of the week and he’s been trying to do it a lot more since then. I’m hoping he didn’t catch anything from Germboree but he did manage to get two toys in his mouth before I noticed and got them out. We also tried out the buggy cover Judy sewed for him at Safeway and Target yesterday. He did really well sitting in the carts and we got a lot of compliments on the cover. I had to prop him with two blankets to keep him from tipping every so often but he did well. It was so much easier to do some quick shopping without having to heave the infant seat or use the stroller in the stores. Having a 5 month old baby in a shopping cart really makes you a conversation topic, everybody would just stop and smile at him or try to get him to smile at them. He was very popular and I imagine it’s this way with most babies in stores. Eli wasn’t giving in, though. He just stared down every single last person no matter how hard they tried to get him to change his expression. I thought the cashier at Safeway was about to break out in dance, he was working so hard to get any kind of reaction out of him. This kid has a future in poker if he keeps that ability into adulthood.

Andy’s on this and next weekend and off during the week–pretty cruddy schedule for us since we’re basically trading days off. It is nice that Eli only has to go to Sharron’s one day a week for several weeks, though. Then the last week in April he works 7 nights in a row, Monday through Sunday. That’s going to be a loooong week for me.

Happy Easter, everyone. If Will would ever wake up and get out of bed he would discover his big bowl full of candy (they had no baskets at Safeway) so he will be pretty happy about that. Since Andy will be home after work tonight I’m going to try to put some pictures up then.


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