17 Apr

Eli just went down for his morning nap and the people who live across the alley are having the concrete slab in their backyard broken up with a jackhammer. It didn’t seem to affect my good boy, he just smiled at the monitor for a minute or two then turned his head and went right to sleep. It doesn’t get much better than that!

The tooth is out and with it seems most of the discomfort he was experiencing. He’s still got moments of seeming a little out of sorts but we’re backing off with the motrin and tylenol doses during the day and saving them for night only. The spots for his two bottom front teeth are both swollen so I think it’s not long until the second puts in an appearance.

Next week starts the return to the gym. I’ve got to do something to kick up my energy level because I am finding myself wiped at the end of most days, whether or not I’ve worked. I’ve been meaning to go for a while–Eli could start going to their childcare at 4 months–but I was a little hesitant about their childcare services. They page you if there’s need for a diaper change, they page you if the child cries for longer than 5 or 10 minutes, there are a lot of rules that end up with you getting paged. I wondered what exactly they do with the kids–I envisioned the kids sort of being corralled into a pen where they are forced to watch exercise videos on the TV. Andy went to the gym yesterday and checked it out and was really pleased with it. They have a 7:1 ratio and babies count as two kids. You can reserve your space no earlier than a day in advance. You can work out for an hour and a half. Yesterday the childcare had Eli and five other little kids between 3-5. The caregiver was very nice and answered a lot of his questions. When Andy got back Eli was on her lap and cooing and giggling for her and the little kids seemed to adore him, too. I feel a lot better about it and so Andy and I will probably start using this at least once a week so we can go at the same time.

Eli is getting a lot better at staying up sitting once you put him up. He can pass objects back and forth between his hands, he can sort of wounded-soldier his way to toys if they’re fairly close to him. He has buckets of drool. He’s taken to talking to us quite a bit the last two weeks–you can see it in the videos and sometimes it seems like he’s trying to tell us he doesn’t feel well and other times it seems like he’s just babbling. He doesn’t seem all that interested in rolling over much–he still tries the back to front but doesn’t seem to be making much progress. He really doesn’t seem to ever want to do the roll he can do — front to back — no matter how often we put him on his stomach on the floor. He can hold up his head and chest for quite a long time and he’ll push his arms and legs out like he’s trying to crawl. However, he keeps his arms and legs off the floor so he doesn’t actually get anywhere. It’s pretty funny stuff.

I realize he can’t talk yet but I swear when he wakes up in the morning and at naps he wants to say hi to us. It’s the first thing we say to him when we walk in his room and he usually responds with a little breathy, “hhhhheeeeeeh” in response. When we go in his room to get him, he starts beaming at us and kicking his legs around. He’s started holding his arms out to you when he wants to be held or he wants to go to someone else. He’s started reaching and grabbing for everything in sight and seems to prefer (1) the remote control (2) my iPhone and (3) laptops. This kid has expensive tastes.

We’ve got gymboree in a while and then just a little grocery shopping for today. Tomorrow he’s going to Sharron’s at 4:30 since June and I are going to the wedding of two coworkers (ah, the mental health center is a place for love). He’ll be at Sharron’s for just a few hours then Andy will pick him up once he’s off work. Sunday, June has offered to sit for an hour and a half so I can go get a massage because my back is all sorts of out of whack and I blame my chunk of a child. It’s also supposed to be 70 and sunny this weekend so June and I will probably go for a long walk by the water on Sunday as well. I can’t wait for the sun!


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