Everybody’s off for the weekend

24 Apr

I don’t really have a lot to say for this entry. Isn’t that a great intro? Hi, thanks for pulling up the site, you’re going to be bored because I don’t really have anything interesting to say and I’m just putting this entry in because I see it’s been some time and I feel guilty. Thanks for playing along!

Andy and I finally have a day off together and we’re going to Costco! I don’t know if we’re going to make it to Gymboree or not since we have a few errands to run. We’ll see what happens. Supplies are low in the house so we really need a massive restocking of everything to happen today. We’re also going to go check out baby food prices at Costco and determine whether it would be smarter to just hit up Costco for baby food or spend a few hours on the weekends making and freezing it ourselves. To do that, we would need to buy a grinder/strainer attachment for my mixer.

Eli is doing great. Both bottom teeth are in so now we’re just waiting for the top ones to start. He’s really quite good at eating soft food and is managing to clean out the small jars in about 5 minutes without much of a mess.

Now it’s 12 hours later. We did go to Costco but I think we ended up at the business Costco because it seemed to mostly consist of restaurant supply stuff. Needless to say, we’re holding off buying a membership until we go to the right one and can check it out. We hit Babies R Us and bought another high chair for Sharron’s house since the Bumbo really is starting to squeeze the fat little legs a bit much. We also bought some more clothes and I wish I had gone with the 18 month sizes instead of 12. 12 month stuff usually fits him fine but this stuff is on the cheap side and shrank a good bit when I washed it. We all came home and took naps afterwards then went for a long walk at Discovery. We got some great pictures. Eli was wearing some of his new duds–they had onesies in the style of polo shirts so he was wearing a white polo, khaki pants, and his LSU cap. He looked like a tiny tailgater.

He fell asleep in the stroller several times so he made it to 8:30 tonight before he finally went down. I’ve been blowing raspberries at him the last few days because it made him laugh but now every time he sees me or I hold him, he tries to do it. He has a VERY spitty version of raspberries right now so I get little spit showers all day long. Despite the spit, it’s some pretty cute stuff.

Pictures will go up tomorrow if I don’t get to it tonight. We have an 11:30 daycare slot at the gym and I think the weather’s supposed to go south again so it’ll probably be a slow day. It was beautiful today so we tried to stay out of the apartment as much as possible.


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  1. Judy Mize April 25, 2009 at 8:46 am #

    We made our own baby food for the grandsons. I just put canned goods in the blender, then strained them thru a large tea strainer, put in ice cube trays and froze them. I used green beans, english peas, and any fruit. I even used our purple hull peas I had put up from the garden. They ate it up. It took a while to do this, but I felt good doing it.You can get several meals out of one can. Just let them thaw and heat till barely warm.Drain the liquid, but save it to add if needed. So you don’t have to buy an attachment if you have a blender or smoothie maker.

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