End of a long week

3 May

But it’s Sunday? How can it be the end of a long week? Andy has his last night shift tonight and I am very glad for this since he started them last Monday. He was supposed to be off tonight but the opportunity for an OT overnight shift came up and those are pretty hard to pass up. Needless to say, I am looking forward to getting off work tomorrow and having him home! All three of us have missed him a lot.

We did go to the Tulip Festival in Mt. Vernon on Friday and that was nice. We got a lot of pictures but I’m not really happy with most of them. It was very sunny and I’m not used to working the camera in sunny weather. How Seattle is that? So although the pictures are fine, I’m not really happy with a lot of them. I’ll put them up in the next day or two.

We managed to make it to the gym last weekend but not since. Since Andy was working nights, I had reserved a daycare slot for Tuesday but Eli decided to go a nap strike for Sharron that day so he had to be put down as soon as I got home (which was when we were supposed to be going to the gym). Then I was hoping to go Thursday but again with the nap strike. I could have passed him off to Andy but I didn’t have enough time to get there for a class I wanted to take so I scrapped it. We have done Greenlake several times and I’ve been killing myself with these shows on Fitness TV. I am noticing that I have a lot of energy which was my goal in this so I’m pleased with that.

Eli is doing well. I think he’s teething again. He’s doing what we call the “angry babbling” (what he was doing in the YouTube video where he dissed me) quite a bit and is dripping with drool the last two days. He seems just exhausted. He’s fallen asleep on me three times in the last two days and it’s all I can do to wake him up. His appetite is off since we’re having to work to get him to finish bottles. He keeps just gumming the nipple and treating it like a pacifier instead of actually eating. He’s mostly been in a good mood but he has shown a wee bit of crankiness here and there. We were at the store yesterday and I was showing him a kids’ book and when he started making a move to eat it I took it away–and he CRIED. Not for long, only for a few seconds (hallelujah for the lack of object permanence) but he doesn’t really ever do that. I am fully aware I did not produce some sort of miracle child who will not complain but it was a bit of a first for him (and me) as he’s never really done that before. Luckily the pre-bedtime Motrin dose seems to keep him sleeping fine and for the most part, he is just sweetness and light as always.

I put him in footed pj’s instead of his sleep sack for bedtime tonight in case he wanted to play around in his crib a bit whenever he woke up. I’m hoping this will help him with the rolling over. He is SO CLOSE to doing a back to front but can’t quite pull it off yet. He can sit up for a really, really long time and can self-correct when he starts to wobble.

That’s the update for now. I hope everyone has a great week!


One Response to “End of a long week”

  1. Sue May 4, 2009 at 8:45 am #

    These updates and the pictures are so-o-o cool. We are enjoying so much staying up to date with Eli’s development and your descriptions of how he is coming along. Hurray for the internet, for blogging, and for Erin’s communication skills. We check the blog everyday in case there is something new.
    Thank you.

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