Happy Mother’s Day!

10 May

I’ve had a pretty great Mother’s Day weekend. Not so much anything specific that happened today but the last few days have been fun in general. Andy and Will got me a card, flowers, and a big digital picture frame that I’ve wanted for a while. It is a sweet gift I plan to take to work although I do worry it will distract me from doing any real work a lot of the time. I was allowed to sleep in the whole weekend and WOW is that the best present ever. Eli sleeps a solid 10-12 hours a night but he’s usually up by 7 so to be allowed to snooze (or just lie in bed since I couldn’t sleep longer like this morning) until 9 is pretty sweet.

I went crazy about a week ago and signed up for the Seattle half-marathon in November. I’ve been meaning to get back into the running but I learned that unless I have some sort of goal to shoot for, I tend to phone it in and not really work at it like I should. My coworker has run the half and the whole before and said she’d run it with me if I did it and a few other people from work are thinking about doing it as well. Andy and Will want to do it so we’ve all been running most of the weekend. Since I have all sorts of time until November, I plan on working up to it very slowly and I don’t really feel a need to rush. I love our stroller even more now, if it was possible–it is so easy to push while running. It’s not the easiest to steer since you have to lock the front wheel while running but it would also probably be smart to not go running at Greenlake on a sunny day, since that place is like a stroller traffic jam if the weather is nice.

We stopped halfway through the run today to put Eli in the baby swings at the park and I was so wishing we had brought the Flip video with us. He seemed to really like it, smiling tons and making his happy mmm-mmmm sounds and kicking his feet. After a few minutes, he was still enjoying it but also looking a little like he might throw up, so we took him off. We’re going to take him back next weekend and I’ll get some video of it.

He’s doing great. He’s fully into 12-18 month clothes now (did I write that in the last post? I can’t remember) and I think if I just buy at least that size, we’ll have some clothes for him for a while since he does have some room to grow into them. He did a back to front roll (finally) but only Will saw it and Eli hasn’t done it again since. We’ve found that he doesn’t really copy anybody but if he does, he will usually copy Will so Will helps us in that area. You can tell how much Will likes Eli these days, particularly since anytime Eli sees him he starts smiling and holds his arms up to him. Will tries to play it cool but I catch him smiling at Eli a lot when he thinks I’m not paying attention. If he hears Eli laughing, Will will come from wherever he is to watch him laugh. I don’t know if there’s a sound that is as impossible to resist as baby laughter.

I had a great Mother’s Day and a great weekend. I’m so lucky and grateful for everything I have.


One Response to “Happy Mother’s Day!”

  1. Lolli May 15, 2009 at 6:19 pm #

    Love the overall pictures, he’s channeling his POP

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