She works hard for the money

19 May

I don’t know why but I’ve had that song stuck in my head for a few days. Random, right?

Things have been busy around here. Due to my insanity and subsequent signing up for the half-marathon, things around here have mostly been a lot of working out and running with all the boys. Will pretty much kicks our butts each time but we’ll catch up to him eventually. It is nice to all go running together with Eli in the stroller. Pushing the stroller while running is getting a lot easier since I’m getting used to it. With about a mile left of our run yesterday I gave the stroller to Andy and it felt like I pretty much floated the rest of the way, it was so easy compared to pushing it!

I’m only on Week 4 of the Couch to 5K running program. I actually started at week 4 a few weeks ago but then once I realized to run consistently I would have to run with the stroller, I bumped myself back two weeks to get used to running with it. This plan will get us through until the end of June at which point we’ll run a 5K and then the half-marathon is in November. I’m trying to find a race in between those dates that is a 10K or something around that. Once the 5K is done, the half-marathon training program is 12 weeks long which still leaves us with about a month extra. We have a great jogging stroller and Eli seems to enjoy the rides so far. At this point they’re only about a half hour long (we run Green Lake a lot and that’s 3.2 miles) so we’ll see how he does once the runs start getting longer.

I have an involuntary vacation this week. Sharron had to go to Oklahoma to visit an ill relative who is not expected to make it and we were supposed to have her for three days. Andy took today off and I’m off the next two for baby wrangling. It makes for a bit of a boring week since Andy will be at work all week and then the weekend but I’m sure we’ll get out and about a good bit since the weather is supposed to be nice. I do need to switch his Gymboree class since he would now be in the 6+ month class. Or I need to drop the membership since we never really seem to get around to going.

He’s done a few back to front rollovers and tonight did a 360 rollover. I still haven’t seen them. He’s working on crawling but mostly he’s just lifting his rear, tucking his knees under, then pushing his face into the ground since he hasn’t figured out that he needs to prop himself up with his arms at the same time. He’s back to not really copying anybody although he and Will do play the “no” game a lot where they shake their heads back and forth at each other. Eli seems very flexible, he doesn’t really latch on to one toy very much. If you put something out of his reach in an attempt to encourage him to get it, he will try for a minute then give up and find something else to play with or he’ll play with his feet. He doesn’t seem like a very stubborn kid at this point. Man, I hope he keeps that! I’ll surely be paying for it if I get a kid who is like me. Stubborn to beat the band, for sure.


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