27 May

Too tired to think of even the semi-coherent paragraphs.

–Will is playing trumpet in the band tomorrow night in his school’s production of “Thoroughly Modern Millie”.  We’ve got a sitter and we’re looking forward to it.  Will is 15 year old excited about it, meaning that he acts like it’s nothing but he sure talks about it a lot.

–Eli is all about the B sounds lately.  Mostly it sounds like he says “Bubba” a lot, hence Will’s new nickname.

–Eli is getting better at the back to front rolls although he still hasn’t figured out to put that pesky arm up or down.  He generally just powers through it and pushes himself over it.

–The running continues.  I’m in the middle of a campaign of trying to convince Will that running once a week and running so hard he makes himself sick is not an effective way to train for distance running.

–Eli won’t clap his hands but he will grab your fingers and clap yours for you.

–He’s still not really into peek-a-boo although he will give you a small amused smile if you play it.  I think he just wants to give you something for working so hard.

–Eli wants nothing on this earth like he wants the remote control.  It’s the only thing that when taken away, he’ll cry about longer than a few seconds.

–Eli shakes his head as if he’s saying “no” a lot.  At first this was cute, then a little worrying but after some googling I’ve decided I’m not concerned.  Apparently it’s not that unusual for some kids to go through a phase of it.  He’s got some bizarrely good timing with it and often does it just when you’ve asked a question such as “You want Daddy to change your poopy diaper, right, Eli?”

More pictures and videos up.  Again, there’s no big punchline to the videos but just day to day stuff.  I”ll make another post after this with the direct video links so you don’t have to try to find the YouTube.


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