7 months

2 Jun

Happy 7 months, Eli! You continue to amaze us with your good spirits and mellow attitude. You are one smiling little man! When people meet you, usually one of the first things they comment upon is that you are such a happy baby! Those are some of the best words that this mom could hope to hear. You are usually in a good mood from the moment you wake up smiling at us until you go to bed. I hope you keep this attitude because it is positively infectious.

I love that I get about 7 hours of sleep a night. I wouldn’t have believed that back when Eli was only about a month or two old.

He has not only perfected the back to front roll (FINALLY), he is going a little crazy with it. He is now rolling all over the room, rolling all over his crib, and connecting rolls to travel where he wants to go. He is also rolling out of chairs. I won’t go into details but he’s fine. He’s fine, the trauma lingers for me. He is rolling and pulling on the bumper of his crib a lot so his bed will be lowered. Next weekend is the first weekend in a month that Andy and I will have time off together so we are going to spend a day baby proofing the apartment. He’s starting to warm up to unfamiliar people a little. Generally, he poker faces people he doesn’t know for the first few minutes but he is downright flirting with people in stores lately.

Sharron has agreed to sit for us Thursday night and we’re going on a date night! I am sooooo excited. We haven’t had a date night since my parents were in town and that was at the end of March. We went and saw Will’s play last Thursday and that was the first time I had done anything without Eli (other than go to work) since mid-April! We are going to go out for sushi and to the movie to see Up! I am ridiculously excited about getting my hands on some movie popcorn. I miss movie popcorn.

We also have the Furry 5K on Sunday and I believe we’re going to do that as well. I don’t think Will is going to do it since he’s got the play both Friday and Saturday night and then a matinee on Sunday but Andy and I will. I won’t be quite up to running an entire 5K at that point but I figure I will probably end up walking since several friends are going as well and it’s sounding like it’s going to turn out to be more of a social thing than anything else.

(It’s the next day now, this scintillating blog entry took two days to write!) Eli had a bit of a trauma going to bed tonight. I put him down and he rolled from one end to the other and bawled his fool head off for nearly half an hour. I was on IM with Carrie at the time and she pointed out that he needs to learn other ways to self soothe now that he’s mobile and I hadn’t thought of it like that. She has a point. On the monitor it looked like he couldn’t stop rolling and bawling, rolling and bawling. He finally settled down and conked out sleeping on his stomach. Little man was tired!

Ok, I am going to go ahead and post this so I can get something up!


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