Settling down

8 Jun

We’ve come off a very busy few weeks at the household. Andy was recording with his band for two days, Will was finishing up his play, and Andy’s dad came to visit for the weekend to do some grandson wrangling. He and Will spent Saturday afternoon together during which time Will got to introduce him to the wonder and beauty of Zak’s. He also went to see Will’s play Saturday night and had a great time. High school plays really are fun things. I remember being in the plays during high school and it was such a fun thing to do with friends. I’m glad Will is getting that experience.

Robert also provided some much needed babysitting and a break for me (which I am very grateful for) so I could get out and run some sans stroller. I was really pleased with the distance I was able to pull off without it! Eli had a great time with his Poppa and we do have some pictures which I will get around to posting this week. We were very glad he came to see Eli since probably when he and Gran come back at the end of the summer, they will need a forklift to pick this kid up, he’s getting so big.

Will’s wrapping up the last two weeks of school so he’s busy with the books. He’s going home for the summer and I guess he will be back in August. I’m not really sure about the timing of it. I know he’s looking forward to mowing lawns and saving up for his trumpet. Andy has the next two weekends off from work–WOOOOHOOOO! I am very excited about this since I’ll have my running buddy again and also get to see him! I feel like we’ve just been high fiving in passing the last few weeks and it will be nice to have some downtime again.

We had Eli in our room while Robert was in town and I don’t know if this kid is just always this rowdy or if he was just having as much trouble sleeping due to us as I was to him (of course, Andy slept great the whole time) but he was just a wiggly thing most nights. Last night, he played in his crib with his teddy bear from 4:15 until 5 AM, then he slept for a while, then started talking around 6ish, then slept for a while, etc. I realize by saying this I’m completely shooting myself in the foot re: my mom’s offer to keep him in the room while they are here at the end of the month but I’m saying : SAVE YOURSELVES. NOISY BABY. Really, for the most part, he’s not noisy, just very squirmy in his crib. And considering I usually wake up if a bird sneezes a mile away, it made for some deja vu of his first month for me.

We thought he was teething this weekend because he was in a supremely cranky mood Saturday. He wouldn’t let me put him down without crying and just seemed to want to sit on me. He also did a sort of half-hearted cry for much of the evening, no matter how much entertainment or hugging he received. I had given him a shot of Tylenol earlier which seemed to take some of the edge off but didn’t work very well. I finally gave him some motrin about an hour before his bedtime and once it kicked in, I had my boy back. All sweetness and light until bedtime and he went down without problems. However, there are no new teeth. I don’t know if it is just a slow process and they are making their way in or what but I hope they hurry up and get it over with. Having a mellow baby has completely spoiled me and I am unprepared for a fussy one.

I’ve been up entirely too long today. Going to eat some dinner and hit the sack. Everyone have a great week!


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