14 Jun

I really cannot think of titles for these entries. It’s such pressure. Anyway, long busy weekend. Andy and I FINALLY had a day off together on Friday. Instead of spending it doing practical things (errr, like baby proofing the apartment, whoops) I had asked Sharron earlier in the week to take Eli for part of the day. So I got the chance to surprise Andy with an afternoon of kayaking and mexican food from Agua Verde. It’s pretty convenient since the kayak rentals are below the restaurant. We paddled for a little over two hours. We rowed all the way inside the Washington Park Arboretum by rowing under the 520 bridge. We saw two Great Blue Herons. One was what I like to call your Tour Animal, in that it was perfectly posed with just the right combination of close enough to get a good look but not so close one worries about spooking the bird (or, frankly, random bird attack. Birds make me nervous.) I notice Tour Animals a lot on hikes around here, there’s always one species of something that seems to be close to the trail or campsite or whatever, perfectly posed for pictures. I’m always half convinced that that’s the representative animal that poses for pictures so curious hikers/kayakers/etc. don’t feel the need to go into less traveled places looking for them. It’s as if the animal is saying, “Here, we’ll come to you and you can “ooh” and “aahh” all you like and make clicky noises with those little boxes you hold to your heads, just please leave the rest of us alone.”

I probably think about this too much.

Needless to say, the kayaking was very fun and of course within 30 minutes Andy and I were devising all sorts of plans to get our own kayaks so we can do this sort of thing whenever we want. It should be noted that my enthusiasm for it died just a wee bit on the return trip, seeing as how we had been paddling for quite some time and had to paddle back doubly as far since we came out at a different end and also against the current and the wind. It was a really good time and Andy seemed to enjoy it a lot. It was really fun to get out and do something during the day with him. I’ve been eyeing hiking backpacks for Eli (as in one he would ride in, we’re not quite turning him into a pack mule yet) because I would also like to get a fair amount of hiking in this summer. We’ve been blessed with 25 days in a row of no rain and all sunshine so far and aside from running several times a week, I haven’t done much to get out in it. I’m a little apprehensive to go camping at this point with Eli (whereas June and Andy seem to think it would be no big deal) but getting us all broken in with some hiking would be nice.

Andy had to work an OT shift on Saturday so I ran and did general housey things. Today we all went shopping to get Will needed items for the summer like new shoes and clothes since he will be leaving us for the summer on Friday. I’m going to miss him while he’s gone, since Andy works a lot Will is a great help to me. We also hang out a fair amount and I will miss the company.

I have video and pictures to post and I know I have been terrible lately about getting those up. I thought we had a lot from Andy’s dad’s visit but apparently they used his camera for most of the pictures as there are only about 5 pictures on our camera. Video and pictures coming THIS WEEK, I promise. Andy’s on nights all week so that means a bit of downtime for me after Eli goes to bed.


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