So many signs

27 Jun

Eli must be wearing himself out with all of the pre-crawling workouts. He usually can go about 3-3.5 hours between naps and generally will stay in fairly good spirits the entire time, only signalling the need for sleep by the inevitable yawn or eye rub. The last few days, we don’t get a lot of warning when he gets tired. He just starts acting very whiny and it usually has to do with taking something away from him, stopping something he enjoyed, etc. He usually isn’t like that but it also could just be a factor of he’s getting older and expressing PREFERENCES instead of fatigue. Tonight he was sitting on my lap in the chair and we were playing under the blanket. It’s a neat blanket a friend’s mom knit for him and has a wide lace pattern so it lets in some light and he really seems to get a kick out of having it over his head. After about 5 or 10 minutes, I took it off our heads and WOW. All baby signs pointed to DO NOT APPROVE. I put it back and happy baby. Off and Mr. Cries-A-Lot kicked back in again. Then he started in with the eye rubbing and after a quick bottle, he was out in his crib in under 20 minutes (that’s from the time he started whining, he passed out cold in about 2 minutes once I put him in bed).

He is thisclose to crawling. He’s getting up on all fours and rocking although he mostly pushes himself backwards right now. I foresee crawling within the next two weeks, if that long. I’ve done some baby proofing–mostly of the getting everything cleaned up type. I have decluttered the living room which was helpful in that it helped me figure out what we need to secure and all I need to do now is order everything. Babies R Us had a surprisingly bad selection of baby proofing gear. There’s a website that has pretty much everything so I’ll order off of that.

He’s babbling up a storm these days–all “mamamama” and “babababa” and “dadadadada”. He does seem to know who we are. If you ask him where Mommy is, most of the time he’ll look to find me. He’ll do the same with Andy for Daddy. He likes being held upside down, having his feet tickled, and singing. I’ve bought him two beginner’s sippy cups but he mostly thinks they’re chew toys right now. He’s taking about 5 bottles a day, usually anywhere from 28-35 oz a day, depending on how much baby food we’re giving him. He lost his mind over some Chicken & Apples dinner today. He pretty much likes any food and we haven’t found anything he won’t eat. He’s getting more interested in what we’re eating which can make restaurants a little tricky since we don’t often seem to order food that can be easily mushed (good reason to go for mexican more often–avocados and refried beans–he loooooves them). He’s starting to smile at strangers more often although he still poker faces them from time to time.
He’s taking his baths in the regular bathtub now since he outgrew the baby bath in the kitchen sink. He’s starting to get the hang of splashing and really seems to enjoy his bath time. He’s rolling around like a maniac, can spin himself 360 on his stomach to direct himself where he wants to go, and is starting to show interest in pulling up on things.

We’re doing good as well. I continue with the running and can now do the outer loop at Green Lake without stopping and that’s 3.2 miles (5K). I’m averaging about 35 minutes and I’m pretty happy with that time. If I have the stroller, I can run all but about 5 minutes of it. I’m trying to line up some sitting assistance for the coming months so I can do the slightly longer runs that are required of training for the half. For 95% of the runs, I should be fine with the stroller although it does make the runs harder. June has offered to sit for the Sunday runs if Andy is working and I need the help, I don’t really want to take Eli on a longer run since I feel like I’ll need those runs for confidence boosting as much as training. At this point, I’m running the 5K every other day. Andy is doing well but can’t run as often as I can because of his work schedule but for getting to run once or so a week, he’s really kicking butt at it.

My parents are coming in town Tuesday hooooooooray! I am looking forward to seeing them and happy they’ll get to see Eli. Andy and I have another night out planned but I’m not sure when it is. They’ve got a few days of sightseeing planned but so far all I have planned for next week is work on Monday and a doctor’s appointment on Thursday. Andy will be off most of the week as well and I’m psyched for that. He’s been on his six pack, which is 12 hour days Tues, Weds, & Thursday then turning around and doing 12 hour nights last night, tonight, and tomorrow night. He also picked up an extra shift last Monday so he’ll have done 7 days straight. He’s a hard worker. I would go crazy!

For now I am off to watch some bad television and an early bedtime since tomorrow is a running day. I hope everyone has a great weekend!


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