Daddy speaks…

5 Jul

It’s been the subject of some – “conflict” is too strong a word… call it “conversation” – that I haven’t been keeping up anything close to my end of the bargain on blog posts. Not that there was any established bargain regarding the blog to begin with, I think the contract is being re-negotiated. Our first goal is that my posts are frequent enough that I don’t have to, or feel I have to, begin them with something apologetic-sounding on the subject of not posting more often.
Moving on…
Erin’s folks have been staying with us for most of the last week and fly out again this morning. We have really enjoyed their company, sharing Eli with them, and yes, the relief that their babysitting services bring. We took advantage of those services to celebrate Erin’s birthday a day late with a night out Friday: late afternoon massages, a dinner cruise on Elliott Bay, and a night in a swanky old downtown hotel. It was a lot of fun. The hotel, emphasis on the “old” more than the “swanky,” was the low point and even that was nice. Most of the 2 o’clock hour of the early morning was spent lying awake in bed listening through our open 8th floor window to some guy shouting and cursing from the street for somebody named Mike (probably in the adjacent building) to “answer the ___ing phone” or “open the ___ing door.” Apparently Mike never responded so the shouting continued along with interesting and violent suggestions on what Mike should do and where he should go and very unlikely conjectures regarding his ancestry. Eventually hotel personnel ran him off but I shouldn’t like to be Mike if or when these two meet up again.
Will has been back down South since mid-late June and I miss him terribly. I already see woefully and increasingly little of the man when he’s here. Now he’s back in Louisiana mowing lawns and playing tennis in dangerously hot weather. Times like these I’m thankful for the tendencies of my worry-wart mother and trust that she’s keeping him from heat stroke, hosing him down frequently or whatever it takes. They should be RV’ing it back up here middle of next month so that will be another fun visit with Eli’s other G.P.’s
If it weren’t for this blog and the flickr page and videos that Erin keeps up so well I doubt the folks would recognize Eli on their next visit. We’ve gone on endlessly on how huge he is. It seems like every few days he’s hitting a new developmental milestone. Yesterday he began pushing himself up to sitting. Last night was just like the week when he got really good at rolling over, using that as his means of mobility rather than crawling. He kept himself up an extra thirty minutes just by sitting up in his crib just like he did with the rolling when he first learned that. The childproofing hardware has been ordered!
As for myself, work continues to move along steadily. No major changes at City Light yet, but I personally am on a more predictable schedule, so that’s good. The downside is that being on the regular rotation I’m having to work a bit more of the night shifts, what’s really my fair share.
At the beginning of June, after investing a well over a year’s worth of time and expenses I split with the band I was playing with. Following a weekend in the studio and an immediately subsequent show, both of which could have gone better, I just got tired and frustrated: no room to express myself, little respect for me or regard for my input, and no apparent hope for change. Eh, live and learn: in the future I’ll either do my own thing or be muuuuuch more selective about what music gigs I take.


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