Baby book

7 Jul


Ok. I just had to say that somewhere where I wouldn’t get hate mail for it. Leave the poor man alone already, people! Jeez. Moving on….

We’ve got top teeth! Which is quite odd because he really hasn’t been exceptionally cranky or a bad sleeper or anything like that lately so it sort of took us by surprise. Andy happened to notice it tonight by chance when Eli was laughing at something and threw his head back with his mouth open. One has cut through and the one next to it is almost there. As a preventative, we went ahead and gave him a Motrin dose and off to bed with him.

My parents went home Sunday. Come back! It was so nice having the help and Eli was really enjoying them. I’m sure they’re probably glad not to have to go up and down three floors every time they want to go outside! We had a great time while they were here and they even managed to share a room with Eli and seemed unbothered by it. I guess that’s the power of grandchildren because a jabbering baby at 6 AM? No thank you! I’m sure everyone is getting better sleep now. Eli did go into a series of baby comas once they left, taking long naps all day Sunday and again on Monday in addition to his usual good nighttime sleep.

Eli is still working on crawling and he has figured out how to push himself up to sitting. His speed is increasing daily and I’m starting to really hope all the baby proofing gear I ordered gets in soon. He mostly pushes himself backwards when he tries to crawl so I think I have at least another few days. I’m surely cutting it close. He can give high fives now and that’s pretty cool.

I finally ran the entire 5K (outer loop of Green Lake) with the stroller! And then I died. Once I recovered, I felt very accomplished and proud of myself. Also very tired. I’ve found that the stroller translates to about an additional 8 minutes of running when I run without it, so almost a mile. In one week I start the training schedule for the half. I need to get some better shoes as I finally started feeling some sore spots on my toes from the ones I wear now which are several years old. I had promised myself a pair of real running shoes once I achieved a 5K several times a week so I guess it’s time to reward myself!

I hope everyone has a great week!

One Response to “Baby book”

  1. wendy July 8, 2009 at 10:32 am #

    awesome on a million fronts! first tooth without any tears is amazing and running a 5k with the stroller is even bigger. you go girl, you should be very proud of yourself. definitely get fitted for new running shoes. my feet changed DRAMATICALLY this last pregnancy and shoes seemed to change even more. turns out the running shoes i used weren’t 1/10th as comfortable as my new ones. they feel like i am walking on clouds! 🙂

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