Unexpected benefit

13 Jul

He’s been sleeping like a ton of bricks since the semi-crawling started. I say semi because he doesn’t seem to be able to crawl whenever he wants to, he’s still working out the bugs a little. It was a bit surprising to see how much he improved today at Sharron’s while we were working! Yesterday he took two two hour naps and has been falling asleep without so much as a peep. All this exercise must really be taking it out of him. He is also still working on those two top teeth and they are coming in pretty slowly so that’s leaving him a bit cranky. It’s really sort of chicken or the egg, we don’t know if any fussiness is because of the teeth or tired or what. So we just try to cover all of our bases and give him lots of naps and the occasional Motrin dose. It seems to be working out well.

He also seems to have discovered the most annoying whiny-grunting thing when he’s not getting his way–usually used when he’s already a bit cranky. I wish I could describe it, I’ll try to get it on video. If you take something from him or (heaven forbid) you’re BORING him, he’ll start making this high pitched “UUUUNNNNNHHHH UUUUNNNHHH” sound. It’s really fun in the middle of the store when he wants to completely trash your grocery list and you won’t let him have it, LET ME TELL YOU. That was an interesting grocery store experience, complete with the blood curdling scream out of nowhere for no discernible reason. I think he was just trying to show people six aisles over how much I could blush. All part of parenthood, I suppose. I should probably get used to it. I think I did a fairly good job of acting casual so he wouldn’t think, “Hey, fun game!” and keep doing it. Thankfully, he chilled out fairly quickly and went back to his usual poker face and the occasional UUUUNNNHHHH-UUUUNNNHHHHH.

I got the last of the baby proofing stuff in today so that’s on for Thursday and Friday. Needless to say, we vacuumed the apartment and mopped the kitchen floor 😉 I believe some dirt is protective but no need to go all out!

He’s so much fun these days. I remember when he was five months old and I remarked to Carrie how much fun he was and she said that 9 months was her favorite age. I totally get that now. He’s so much fun, he’s sort of got high fives down, and he is getting the hang of giving hugs. It’s so amazing to look at him crawling around and think that he was just this little immobile guy a few months ago. It goes so fast!


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