18 Jul

I finally got around to using some of my birthday money (thanks Mom and Dad :)) to buy a new pair of running shoes today. I went to Seattle Running Company thinking that if I was going to spend about a hundred bucks on running shoes, I wanted to make sure I got the right ones. I knew I had a fairly neutral running gait but I really don’t know anything about different shoes. The staff there was very helpful and they put me on the treadmill and taped my run which confirmed a largely neutral gait. I tried on several different shoes and I finally went with the Brooks Glycerin 7 shoes. They felt like air! It felt like I had on running slippers, they were so cushy. After naps (for Eli and myself, I am a napping fool lately), we all went running and the shoes were fabulous. There were some kinks to work out but I was mostly really pleased with them until about 3.5 miles when I noticed that the balls of my feet (both!) were stinging like blisters. I had a really disappointing run two days ago so I was determined to go at least 4 miles today to make up for it. I made it to 4.3 miles (woohoo!) and then stopped. Sure enough, I’ve got wee blisters on both feet. Man, that is irritating. Hopefully this is just an issue with breaking them in.

Eli is doing great. We returned to gymboree last Friday and it was very cute. There were two other girls and another boy in the class and they were 9 months (the two girls) and just turned 8 mos (the boy) so Eli was right in the middle. They have all been crawling for some time and they were just going everywhere. Eli would crawl here and there but mostly just preferred to check things out. It’s so interesting to see how he interacts with people in new situations because he comes off as a very reserved baby. He sits and observes things for long periods when we’re out. He would sit and watch things then crawl over to whatever he was interested in. He preferred to interact with people instead of taking off and exploring like the other babies. He is really a mellow little fellow, aside from the weird screeching thing he’s doing lately to communicate happiness. He was screeching a lot during class. It appears that at nine months, Eli is more of a talker than a mover.

Since Gymboree, he’s shown some interesting in pulling himself up. I blame the other babies. All these milestones! He mostly pulls himself up on us at this point but I figure he’s so big he can pretty much see what’s on top of things around the apartment, so what’s he need to pull himself up for? We’re baby proofing tomorrow. Really! Hopefully. I did put one of the toilet locks on which is probably the most useless piece of baby proofing gear I could have chosen to install since he really isn’t quite to that point yet. The rest requires a drill and Andy likes any excuse to use his drill so I’ve left the rest to him and we’ve declared it to happen tomorrow since all this gear really needs to be cleared off the dining table.

Those top teeth are still coming in. You can see one when he smiles now, it’s so cute. The other one seems to be following more slowly. He’s figuring out splashing in the bathtub and enjoys making quite a mess with the water. Sometimes he kicks his legs so much trying to splash he’ll almost knock himself over. In the last few days, he’s started laying his head on your shoulder and putting another arm around your neck when he’s tired or when he first gets up. He’s never really done that before and it is SO UNBELIEVABLY HARD to put a baby who has his head nestled in your neck into bed. When he does that, I just can’t bring myself to put him in bed, so I end up walking around his room and enjoying the sweetness of it until he usually picks his head up and gives me a look that lets me know I’m taking it too far and I really should just put him down already.

It’s 11 PM and I should go conk out. Andy is doing me the favor of letting me sleep in all weekend since he’s on nights next week and gets to sleep in all week. There is no greater luxury than sleeping in. Since Eli usually wakes up around 6:30, sleeping until 9 feels like winning the lottery. Amazing how you can’t appreciate it until you can’t do it anymore.


3 Responses to “”

  1. Lolli July 19, 2009 at 7:41 am #

    Take the shoes back, they shouldn’t require breaking in.

  2. wendy July 19, 2009 at 4:19 pm #

    congrats on the shoes. fwiw, i took my initial pair back to the store as well. i got some inserts called ‘super feet’ as well. i have a super high arch so that was great to get the extra support. eli sounds like a dreamy little chunk nugget! 🙂 can’t wait to meet him. what are ya’ll’s holiday plans?

  3. Carrie July 19, 2009 at 7:46 pm #

    Things will slow down once he starts pulling up. Baby-proofingwise, anyway. There won’t be much of a difference between standing up and walking, except the occasional head wound. I have meddlers, so the cabinet locks have been our BESTEST friends.

    Kudos on the running, to you and Wen. I do my best to get a little exercise from walking! Call me your lazy friend! I do A LOT of chasing, if that counts for anything.

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