Heat Wave, part II and 9 months!

29 Jul

Edited to add: It was also Eli’s 9 month birth?day! He’s got his 9 month check up scheduled in 2 weeks but I think he’s going to be topping out charts again. He celebrated by waking up too early and passing out cold for the night at 6:30. Fun times.

So at the airport today (where the official temperature is measured) it hit 103 degrees at 4:53 PM. Here in Ballard it hit 104. Right now, at 7 PM, it’s 95. As I mentioned before, my work doesn’t have a/c. All of our sites have a/c except the headquarters. To say things were miserable there is an understatement. Since Emily, June and I moved our offices temporarily to a basement, it wasn’t really so bad for us. The basement made things very tolerable temperature-wise but there have been several floods in this basement and there is an issue with mold. Being the allergy queen that I am, I get headaches in the basement. So I’ve just been taking a lot of Advil because the temperature difference is sooo worth it. They closed our site at 2 PM today. We had been canceling appointments and group sessions left and right because we didn’t want clients out in the heat, waiting for buses, etc.

Tomorrow the high is supposed to be 99 or 100 so I imagine we will close tomorrow afternoon as well. I was devious today and snuck out to a 3 PM movie with a coworker before coming home around 5, my usual time. Sharron had come to sit Eli here since we have the a/c and I confessed my crime when I got home. If I get off tomorrow early, I’ll come straight home. Walking out of the nice cool theater into a wall of heat really made me remember what it was like to live in Louisiana in the summer. My friend is from Texas and we both commented on how it reminded us of home. Then we hurried to our cars and burned our legs on the seats and turned the a/c on full blast as fast as we could. Talk about memories.

We moved the small a/c unit into Eli’s room and rented a 12000 BTU portable for the living room and to move into our bedroom when we sleep. Although it makes sleeping conditions downright pleasant, it works okay in the living room. I wouldn’t call things cool but it does make things tolerable and that’s really all I can ask for. The vaulted ceilings make this room very difficult to cool with an a/c. People were lining up at the Home Depot and other stores at 1 AM this morning to buy a/c units (and every place is sold out) so I feel very fortunate that we bought one last year and for Andy’s resourcefulness in finding a place that rents portables. We have it for a month so it should see us through the worst of the summer. Will is really lucky to have missed all of this, he would have had to sleep down here the entire time because his loft is like an oven.

Andy is working OT for the second night in a row since of course, electricity use has skyrocketed and transformers are blowing out all over the place. I’m making a lovely dinner of pb&j for myself then I’m going to move the a/c in the bedroom, take a shower, and try to go to sleep. I haven’t been running for the last few days and I think that’s kind of messing with my sleep as I sort of use running as a way to blow off work stress and haven’t had that outlet so my sleep hasn’t been so hot this week. I miss the running which surprised me a little. I really do enjoy it and how I feel after a long run. I’m hoping to go Friday morning before it heats up. There were people out running Green Lake in the sun at 2:30 today when it was 101! People are nuts.

Eli’s doing great. The top two teeth are still slowly coming in. He’s pulling himself up constantly although mostly just on people at this point. He has a particular liking for trying to yank my hair out the last week or so and I’ll be pretty happy once he knocks that off. If you help him balance standing up, he does take wee little steps like he’s trying to walk. He’s been sleeping pretty well (and why not? He has a/c) but he’s decided out of nowhere this week that he should wake up around 5:45 AM so it’s got his schedule a bit messed up. I’ll straighten that out this weekend. He loves being tossed in the air or flying on your knees, so much that he whines at you when you stop doing it. He’s getting downright speedy at crawling and generally giving me more of a workout chasing him these days.


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