Baby book

31 Jul

He pulled himself up to standing on the couch today. He’s been trying to stand pretty much since he started crawling but he finally figured it out. He did it for the first time by pulling himself on my leg and then I got out the camcorder and taped him doing it again on the couch. I will post it later tonight or tomorrow. I am NOT ready for him to walk. He just figured out crawling for pete’s sake! How is he already standing up?

Today our high was 86. I woke up this morning to a very delightful 58 degrees and I thought I had woken up in HEAVEN. We were able to turn the air off around 9 last night and go back to having the doors and windows open for fresh air and it was just wonderful. I missed the breeze! We’re supposed to have another warm weekend but I think the hottest it’s supposed to get is around 90 on Sunday then we go back to normal weather (highs in the 70s) next week.

Andy is working his first night of three after a particularly brutal week. He worked 2 hrs of OT Tuesday after a 12 hour day, then Wednesday he worked 6 AM until 1 AM. He was supposed to be off at 6:30 that night but transformers were blowing everywhere due to the increased need for power for a/c. THEN he had to be back at work at 6:30 AM. He got home last night about 7 PM and pretty much slept on the living room floor most of the evening. He woke up long enough to eat a sandwich then resumed his coma once the bedroom had cooled off enough to go back there. He got about 12 hours of sleep from last night until about 11:30 AM this morning so he’s in much better shape.

It was cool enough to run today so that was good. I only did about 3 miles but I ran it a bit faster so the run was more challenging than usual. I couldn’t tell much of a difference after 4 days of not running and I was pretty happy about that.

Again, Will is lucky to have missed the crazy heat. He saw what sort of crazy weather we’re having, I don’t think he’s too sad over not having to sweat it out in the loft. I think everyone’s ready for him to come back, though. Andy’s missing his big boy quite a lot and I miss my company. I think he’ll be pretty entertained by Eli now that he’s gone mobile.

Tomorrow I’m hitting Toys R Us to buy Eli more plastic crap toys. I’m getting pretty bored with the ones he has now. Actually, Sharron told me about another toy store so I will go there first then hit Toys R Us if I need to. I’d like some musical toys for him, more books, and one of those little trucks that he can ride on or that has the handle so he can practice standing and walking. Then he’s going to June’s for a bit on Sunday so I can get a run in at Discovery and we’re also going to go hang out with them so I can check out June’s new condo. They have a little dog named Snickers and I want to see how Eli does with a little dog, it should be pretty cute. Of course, I’m taking the camera.


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