5 Aug

He’s been pulling himself up constantly since last Friday when he finally figured out how to pull himself to standing. This morning when I went in his room to get him for the day, he was standing and holding the rail of his crib. He looked so big! He also was very proud of himself as he squealed as soon as I opened the door. This evening he has been pulling himself up to standing and then he pushes off slightly. It looks like he’s trying to balance standing up. As with the rolling and the crawling, bedtime is going a little rough. He keeps standing up and lying down in his crib even though he is quite tired, so he is also half-heartedly crying. If this follows the pattern of the last two milestones he’ll be sleeping fine again by tomorrow night.

Along with all of the standing goes an alarming increase of head bumps. I told Andy I was worried to take him in public for the next few days out of fear of someone reporting us. Several days ago he pulled Andy’s bass case over on himself and it hit his face and his arm. He has two bruises on his arm from that. Then yesterday morning he crawled into the bathroom while I was getting ready. He came next to me and sat back on his heels. Then he suddenly went up on his knees and grabbed for the toilet but I guess he must have missed because he clocked his forehead on the toilet mid-fall. He’s got a nice bruise in the middle of his forehead from that although I am thankful because it is nowhere near as bad as I thought it was going to be. Then today he was sitting on the floor by the bed and Andy said something to him and he whipped his head around and knocked the side of his temple on the footboard. Another bruise on his forehead.

Andy and I were sitting on the floor in Eli’s room discussing what hats he will wear until all the bruises clear up while Eli played a foot or so away from us. I made some joke about Eli’s flair at head injuries and what does Eli do? He’s sitting there just fine and all of the sudden falls backward, bangs his head on the Diaper Genie, then rolls off the Diaper Genie sideways into his dresser, hitting his head on THAT. As with most of his incidents, he seems fine and doesn’t even cry for most of them but for pete’s sake! Andy says I should get used to it and I suppose he’s right. I certainly haven’t stopped Eli from any of the lesser injury producing activities because this is how he explores and learns and I don’t need to interfere with it unless he’s in something that could really hurt him.

He has his 9 month check up next week and I think everyone is eager to see how he measures up. I’m going to put pictures up tonight and hopefully some video. I’ve been trying to catch him pulling himself up but it’s been pretty hit or miss.

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