24 Aug

Just a quick update, sorry I have been absent the last week. Andy’s parents are in town this week so we’re having fun with them. Eli went to Sharron’s today but will stay home with them the rest of the week and then Andy is off after Wednesday. Eli is really turning on the charm, all coos and giggles and cute baby noises. They have validated my original belief which is that I have a very mellow baby. He managed to go a 7 hour stretch today with only a 30 minute nap and really only started complaining the last five minutes or so he was up. He moaned a little after I put him in bed but then he was out within 5 minutes. He’s not walking yet but man, this kid LIVES to stand. He can cruise okay on furniture now and can stand pretty quickly. He only needs a wall to lean on and he can stand up. He loves to chase people and be chased while crawling which is pretty fun for him and pretty fun for me as long as we don’t crawl into the kitchen (hard on the knees).

I still can’t run, I had physical therapy last Friday and she doesn’t think it’s an issue with the bone but isn’t sure. I have exercises and stretches to do daily and I go back Friday. At that point they might have x-rays done. Walking isn’t painful and that’s an improvement. However, walking still feels uncomfortable and if I do anything that involves impact (even walking fast) I get a sharp jolt. To say it is discouraging is an understatement. ESPECIALLY after I just got myself a fancy pants new running watch and only got to use it three times. I’ve been green lighted for anything that doesn’t cause pain so I’ve been riding the stationary bike and doing the elliptical trainer at the gym several times a week to try to maintain until I can run again. They’re pretty boring, just endlessly pedaling in one place. Oh well, I’ll get over it.

I’m going to post some videos then hit the sack. Everyone have a great week!

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