10 months + 1 day

30 Aug

I’ve not been doing too well updating lately, have I? Andy’s parents have been in town for the last week and are leaving in the next few days. I’m going to blame them. We’ve had a great time spending time with them and Eli has had fun getting to know his other set of grandparents. They were kind enough to help us out getting Will’s loft set up–we have half a wall of shelving and the other has railing on it–the shelves are up now and it looks very good. Will and Andy are going to finish putting up the railing tomorrow. It’s such a relief to have the loft done. It’s so great to have Will back–I didn’t realize how much I missed the boy until he got back. I know Andy is happy to have him home, he spoke frequently of missing his “big boy”.

Eli turned 10 months old yesterday and he’s just doing so much these days. He can do the sign for “more” and although it still mostly looks like clapping, he does it correctly in response to the question asked. He loves chasing, checking himself out in the mirror, smiling at pictures of himself (I’m going to tell him the story of Narcissus when he’s a little older, as a precautionary tale), and anything that involves being thrown/bounced/swung around. As usual, he is just almost always in a good mood and any crankiness is short lived. I feel so lucky, he is such a fun boy. Today he was more drooly and tired than usual and super cuddly.

We switched him to a music class at Gymboree instead of the regular Play & Learn and he LOVES it. When we play music at home, he pulls himself up on the entertainment center and bounces up and down like he’s dancing. I bought him a little music kit a month or so ago. It has a tambourine, a drum, a shaker and two drumsticks. I am often surprised how he will beat or shake things in rhythm to whatever music is playing. Of course, I think he is genius. Obviously a prodigy.

I’m a little brain dead and I think everyone would probably enjoy pictures more! I had the best intentions to put some up tonight but Eli had different thoughts and then I was on dinner duty so no dice. Definitely tomorrow. It will just be the four of us again so things should be much more quiet and settled down.

Still no running, I had PT again and although I can walk mostly fine running is out. Any impact still hurts. I just don’t even know how to express how frustrating it is. I’m going to do that half marathon even if I have to just walk thirteen miles.

Pictures tomorrow, I promise!


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