We’ve gone viral

31 Aug

Eli seems to have finally caught his first cold. Not too bad at 10 months! So far he seems in fine spirits if a little more clingy than usual. He’s quite snorky and has a runny nose but otherwise seems to feel ok. It does seem to be interrupting his sleep a little as he just woke up and fussed for a minute or two and that’s pretty unusual for him. Of course, now that he has a cold he is ALL ABOUT giving kisses. Yesterday there were not enough Cheerios in the world to get a kiss from that kid and today it’s all drooly, runny nose, open mouth attempts to give sugars. And of course, I’ve been kissing him back. Every single time. I guess that switch got flipped with me but it’s my kid and despite him being covered in drool and snot and whatnot, it’s pretty cute stuff. There. I said it. Pretty soon I’ll be eating half chewed bits of his leftover sandwiches because I can’t bear to just throw it away. It’s all downhill from here.

Andy seems to have the cold as well but Will is unscathed so far. I don’t expect that to last since he tends to be the germiest of all of us. I have started my usual attack of Lysoling the house a few times a day and washing my hands a lot. I am determined to not catch this. Andy works straight through the holiday and Sharron is off on Thursday to go to Oregon so I’m flying solo for 5 days and I’m not going to be sick on top of it!

I put pictures up and I’ve got two videos up. I’ve been productive! Now I am going to post these videos then be extremely, extremely lazy for the rest of the night.

We took this one tonight:

And a little bit of dancing:


One Response to “We’ve gone viral”

  1. Lolli September 1, 2009 at 3:50 pm #

    Love the music but then you knew I would

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