10 Sep

Still no running. I had a x-ray last Friday and it was negative (yay!). If it is still bothering me in a month, I get a MRI. Walking is totally fine now which is GREAT but anything with impact is still pretty much out. The theory now (simply by the process of elimination at this point) is that I tore a muscle in my hip and that’s why it’s taking so long to heal. I start to think things are getting better then something happens like today–I’m crossing the street and a car drives up so I do that hurry-walk-half run thing and my hip tweaks with each impact on that side.

Instead of wallowing in my running-less misery and trying to convince myself that elliptical machines are a good substitute, I’ve signed up for swimming lessons at my gym and they start next week. I can swim, say for survival or enjoyment but I can’t really swim for exercise. I don’t know how to swim smoothly and breathe at the same time. I’m looking forward to it. I think this will give me the kick in the pants I miss from running and hopefully I’ll like it enough to continue it as a cross training exercise when I FINALLY can run again.

Eli is fabulous as always. I think Will is even more fun than when he left. It was really a smooth transition to have him back home and things just feel normal again. We missed him! Eli is all about giving hugs and kisses these days which is why I have been late getting work several times this week–it’s tough to leave when he’s doling out the love! This week he’s eating fig newtons, grapes, strawberries, bits of our sandwiches, waffles, indian food, and pretty much anything we’re eating because he will no longer allow food to be eaten in his presence without demanding some. The purpose of the sippy cup continues to elude him and he mostly just thinks it’s a fun toy and he chews on the bottom of it. I’m thinking he might just go straight to regular cups because there doesn’t seem to be a light clicking on there. We’re on solid whole milk bottles now and he’s doing great with it. Will is great fun with Eli and voluntarily picks him up and holds him quite a bit these days which is just adorable. He’s even done a few very short babysitting favors for us when we need to run to the store or a dental appointment.

Andy’s on all weekend and Eli and I have a Gymboree music class date tomorrow afternoon. I’m looking forward to it because I haven’t actually made it to one of the music classes yet. Andy’s brother Tim is also going to be in town tomorrow night so we’re all going out to dinner and then he is staying over tomorrow night and leaving Saturday so this should be fun!

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