Things are looking up

20 Sep

Not that they were really looking down but I had a real run today for the first time in over a month! I did three miles with Eli in the stroller. My hip felt pretty tight at first but it loosened up as I ran and it was great. My main problem was being out of shape! I’m really pleased and the weather today couldn’t have been better, it was sunny and 65. Andy was off for part of the weekend but then covered today for a vacationing coworker so E and I were on our own. Will was up in his loft most of today doing homework and whatever he does on his computer. He had a pretty busy weekend with a school football game Friday night and then his girlfriend took him to a Mariners game last night as a late birthday present. I spent most of today getting ready for the week and prepping the dresser in Eli’s room to be painted. I got the drawers painted but the dresser itself will need to be hauled downstairs to paint, there’s just not enough room on the decks to do it. Now that he’s almost one, I’m finally getting around to decorating his room properly! Oh well, it’s not like he really cares.

I think YouTube is finally letting me put some videos up so I’m going to try to get a few up tonight.


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