24 Sep

Oh, I am so SO ready for this week to be over. Eli has had a bicuspid coming in that took the better part of two days and so he’s had a hard time. We really don’t know if it’s a bicuspid or a molar but it’s big and it’s given him a harder time than he’s had so far. The accompanying diarrhea has been particularly horrible and he just hasn’t been himself most of the week and hasn’t been napping for Sharron hardly at all. I took Tuesday off because he was in such poor shape and hadn’t napped at all for Sharron on Monday. Tuesday he was sort of okay but still a bit bipolar with the moodiness and he wouldn’t let me put him down very often. My back has paid the price for that tooth! We had a rather nasty blowout this morning upon wake up which required washing EVERYTHING in his crib, teddy bear included. Andy was late for work so he could help me clean up the mess and since I had already missed one day this week I didn’t want to be late for another. Thankfully Eli was just a cheery guy despite the state of his crib and I have learned never to say (1) he’s never really had significant diaper rash and (2) he’s never really had a bad blowout because JINX! Thankfully with frequent hair dryer use the diaper rash seems to be under control and not as bad as it was yesterday. My poor little guy has had a hard week! He is sleeping like a ton of bricks right now and I’m hoping the worst is over.

We toured a day care on Tuesday and we’re on the wait list for that. It was very nice if a bit old but it’s based in a presbyterian church in Greenwood and has good reviews so far. The wait is about 6 months to a year at this point. I called on another place in Ballard that does part time and they have a wait list that has openings in September 2011. Although we weren’t really planning on placing Eli until next Spring, these calls gave me minor heart attacks. I tried another place and we have a tour for next Friday and they have only a 3 month wait list. The director said if we wanted to start him next Spring it would work perfectly so we just have to check with Sharron about how long she wants to keep him. I am not quite sure why this place has such a short wait because all of its reviews seem to be positive but the only difference between this place and the others is that it’s privately owned and doesn’t accept daycare subsidies.

Eli isn’t walking but he’s getting closer. He isn’t really showing any more interest in it than he was a few weeks ago, he seems quite content to cruise on furniture and push his little car around rather than use it as a walker. He loves the bath and you can’t run a bath without him coming to watch you shower and squeal or have him insist that you put him in it so he can get wet and play around. I think he was secretly quite pleased about the blowout this morning because it resulted in a bath as soon as he woke up and he was VERY happy about that. He is getting closer to saying something that sounds like “baby” but the syllables are off and it sounds like “buh-bay” most of the time. Also, there’s no connection to when he says it, he says “buhbay” when he looks at a wall, at his turtle bath toy, etc. So it doesn’t count as a “first word”. He’s not been into eating solid foods so much this week and I’m going to attribute that to the teething. He’s been consuming a lot of bottles instead and I think they’re probably more comfortable for him.

I am going to sleep like a baby myself tonight for sure. Everyone have a good Friday!

Andy and I are both off this weekend and I am SO HAPPY about this. Will has homecoming this weekend and now that he’s a junior he seems to be a lot busier than last year! He’s doing great so far in school and getting As in everything. Although we don’t get a date night until next weekend, we have a lovely weekend of some household projects planned (painting furniture for Eli’s room) and a lot of college football TV with Mike. I’m really looking forward to a relaxing weekend.


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