Sunday evening

27 Sep

*yawn* I hope everyone has had a good weekend. We surely have. We had one day of super productivity, one day of sloth, and one day of a fair amount of productivity. All in all, not a bad use of time. Andy is on 4 nights this week then off for a three day weekend then another string of 4 nights next week so Will and I are doing a fair amount of flying solo.

This weekend we managed to get Eli’s dresser painted and get the carpets cleaned with a rented Rug Doctor. I baked some pumpkin bread with cranberries and walnuts and also some muffins of the same mixture and topped them with cream cheese frosting (yum). I ran about 5 miles today and walked about another mile by taking a route that I thought was going to be a 4 mile loop but ended up being waaaaay longer. My cardiovascular system seems to have bounced back quite nicely as I was never really out of breath for it but my legs weren’t very thrilled by mile 5. I’m happy to report that the hip is mildly tweaky but really not a concern at all. It feels good. Andy and Will hit the gym today and went on a short run themselves. Eli has just been a general nut and that seems to be the case for an 11 month old. He was cracking himself up by holding a glass over his mouth and blowing b’s into it. He also cracks up at hiding behind things, opening and closing doors, pulling all the clothes out of drawers (grr), and music.

Will had the homecoming football game Friday night (they lost, not a surprise, I don’t remember the last time his school won) and the dance last night. He wouldn’t let me take a picture but they don’t dress up nearly as much as we did in my day (and with that statement, I’m going to go find my Geritol and catch an early bird dinner at Denny’s). He said that he and Ivy were going to get pictures and he said he would give me one. Andy had band practice last night so I got a nice quiet evening once Eli went to sleep. He seems to have another incisor coming in on the bottom left but it doesn’t seem to be bothering him in the least. All teething/cranky/diarrhea issues seem to have resolved and we’re back to the status quo of having one seriously delightful baby.

My computer seems like it wants to die so I need to do something about that soon. It freezes quite a lot and I have to restart it quite often. I should probably take it in, I’m sure it could use a tune up and maybe that will help. I put a new video up and also new pictures. Eli turns one in about a month! I can’t believe it. We’re going to have a little party here, not really many people at all and mostly a party for us (ME, I made it through A YEAR) on his birthday which is a work night for most. Really, my main concern is just to get the invitations done since I never got around to doing birth announcements and I still feel a little guilty about that.

I’m going to zone out and watch the PBS show about the National Parks (Denny’s, here I come). Andy is a dear and is cooking dinner tonight since he’ll be gone the next four. Have a great Monday!


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