Sunday evening, a week later

4 Oct

Has it already been a week? My, where does the time go. It’s been a busy week, Andy was on all nights so Will, Eli, and I were left to our own devices. We had a good week. June sat for us Friday night and Andy and I got a date night. We went to see the Andrew Wyeth exhibit at SAM and ate at Cafe Campagne. Both were great. Mike came over Saturday and watched the LSU game with us and WOW was that a game! Today we watched some of the Seahawks game, then went for a run and to the park, then came home and watched the Saints game. What a good weekend for Louisiana football! I did manage to get the birthday invitations ordered today. I am thinking we will probably just have 7 or 8 people over since the apartment is small but I ordered a few extra invites to send to family because they are pretty cute.

Eli has another incisor that has cut and there appears to be another molar making ready to come out but it hasn’t given us any trouble YET. He’s still not digging so much on walking and although he can go a little ways on his walker, you really have to prop him there and encourage him to do it. He can do the sign for “light” and will do the sign and point at the light if you ask where it is. He will push books across the room to you that he wants you to read and can get objects if you ask for them. He’s learning how far whining will (and will NOT) get him when he wants something. He knows what “no” means even though most of the time it just means he will stop and look at you while he is obviously debating whether or not to do it anyway. He brings all of his stuffed animals to you so you can “kiss” them and he wants to hand most of his toys to you so you can hand them right back to him.

He’s eating most of his food in regular meals and down to only three real bottles a day. He finally figured out sippy cups so he gets those full of milk with meals to make up for the decreasing bottles. He got a sippy cup the other day with his meal that was half apple juice and half water and he basically shot it. I think I might hold off on juice until after he’s eaten his food from now on. The last few days his meals have been toast and eggs or oatmeal for breakfast and then for lunches and dinners he’s had a mix up of sliced hot dog, ham cubes, turkey meatballs, peas, green beans, butternut squash, broccoli, cauliflower, or carrots. For “dessert” he’s had sliced pears, apples, or yogurt. Starting next week we’re going to try to make our dinners earlier so he can eat with us since that will enable us to just feed him whatever we eat and not have to throw together little meals for him. The last few days he tended to eat during football games so we’d pull his high chair in the room with us and he’d just eat and eat and eat.

We’ve toured two daycares now and the first we really liked and the second one was okay. The second will have openings when we need (February) so we will likely put him there if nothing has opened at the first yet but only until the first has openings. The second one seemed nice enough but it seemed like a daycare that was run by people who just really like little kids rather than something that had actual structure and intention to it. The first was not just a babysitter but a place that really worked to give the kids a variety of experiences and was very educational in addition to being fun. The second just had a feel of being a really nice babysitter. Sharron has been gracious enough to keep Eli until February so we can avoid the swine flu winter and I am very thankful for that.

Andy’s on another week of nights this week and this coming weekend Mike and I are hiking Mt. Si. The running is going well, I did 5.5 miles today so I’m almost where I need to be training-wise for the half. It’s a little hard to figure out where exactly I’m supposed to be with my long break so I feel like I probably overdid it a little today. Will did give me a picture from homecoming and since I have no scanner I’m going to take a picture of it and post that.

Have a good week!


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